2018 Chaos Rally #42 ~ Open Mind & Child’s Heart

This weekend’s Chaos Rally playlist is built on the theme of having an open heart of a child since the tarot forecast for next week calls for working on opening our hearts and minds as we navigate through our solutions. Enjoy!

Next Week’s Forecast

MONDAY-BUTTON-D Next week Monday Button will challenge you with the King of Cups right from the beginning. This coming week you’re going to have to ask yourself how open minded, helpful, calm, and diplomatic you really are. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing or not doing here. What matters here is your behavior. Everything you choose to do or not do brings a consequence that you must live with. That’s a burden you must shoulder, so bear this in mind as you move through this coming week.
GRIM-LEE-D Grim Lee will block you with the Four of Wands until you can find the little things in life to celebrate. Life isn’t always about the big wins. It’s usually built upon a series of small victories that get us to those big wins we crave. Acknowledge and appreciate these accomplishments too. If not, you risk missing out on a great deal of joy in every day life.
MURPHY-LAW-D Murphy Law will try to trap you with the Six of Cups before the week is over. He will lie to you and tell you there is nothing good left in your life. Remember the lesson Grim Lee has to offer you and embrace it not only with the open mind of the King of Cups, but with the heart of a child. The good things in life are there, even if you have to find it.
WISE-TOAD-D Swinging with The Hanged Man is the Wise Toad to remind us of the power of the paradox and oxymoron. Sometimes the answer we need is found in the opposite direction of where we think we should go. Resting instead of moving. Pulling instead of pushing. Letting go instead of hanging on. In this coming week, allow yourself to have the open mind of a king and the innocent heart of a child to guide you to where you need to go.

This Week’s Playlist

The images used for the Team Goblin characters were found on pixabay.com under the CC0 license.

This forecast is for entertainment purposes only! I make no claim to see into the future.

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