2018 Chaos Rally #44 ~ The Grief of Dishonor

Since Team Goblin’s tarot forecast next week focuses on the grief that comes from the hidden dishonor in the choices we make, the Chaos Rally playlist features instrumental music based on the theme of honor to offset this struggle.

Next Week’s Forecast


MONDAY-BUTTON-D Monday Button challenges you with the Five of Cups next week. In the coming days you’ll be struggling with the pains of regret and sorrow. Whatever it is you have lost, you will need to work on letting go in order to be able to move forward in your life.
GRIM-LEE-D Grim Lee will block you with the Seven of Swords until you face your hidden dishonor. This is likely the source of your grief in the Five of Cups and you need to accept responsibility for your role in the matter. Is there something you have done that requires you to make amends for in some way? If so, you need to get to it in order for all parties involved to find peace.
MURPHY-LAW-D Murphy Law will try to trap you with Ace of Wands and convince you that you lack creativity and courage. Like always, he lies. Be brave and daring as you trust your potential with the solutions you invent.
WISE-TOAD-D The Wise Toad greets you with The Lovers at his side. This card deals with the relationships in our lives, but it’s not always romantic in nature since it also represents our moral values and personal beliefs. You need to know where you stand in the world before you make major life decisions and know the difference between deciding with your heart versus your mind. Neither are wrong on their own, but there is a time and place for each depending on what you face and where you stand.

This Week’s Playlist

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This forecast is for entertainment purposes only! I make no claim to see into the future.

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