2018 Chaos Rally #45 ~ The Change of Action

This weekend’s Chaos Rally playlist features instrumental action music since Team Goblin’s tarot forecast for next week discusses how we need to take action during a time of a major upheaval in our lives. Enjoy!

Next Week’s Forecast

The purpose of this Chaos Rally reading is to take a look at the coming week and see in what ways we can challenge ourselves to do better in regards to our overall wellness. I ask you to approach this as a fun brainstorming session of possibilities rather than me prescribing a course of action to you.

In terms of wellness I want to point out that this applies to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self. All four of these comprise the total sense of being and need to be taken care of in order to be well. As always, I cannot stress this enough, be sure to speak to the appropriate professional before making changes to your care plan. This is especially true if my reading for some reason inspires a change in diet or exercise, or raises a concern regarding your health.

I’m not a specialist in any of these fields. My goal is to look at how to manage wellness with the presence and cooperation of your professional care team. Please keep this in mind when going over this reading.

Here is the image of this week’s reading.

Monday Button’s Challenge: The Tower


The challenge this coming week will be managing sudden changes.

This position represents the challenge you need to be working on at this time. Thus, what you need to be working on right now is found within the Tower.

Monday Button challenges us with the Tower card next week. This card represents sudden changes, upheaval, and revelations. Many people view this card as bad, but I don’t think it is. Think of a seed sprouting. The shell has to break away in order for the seedling to start pushing aside the soil and reach the sunlight.

It’s true for us as well. Sometimes we need to break down and push aside the things that are old and rigid that no longer serve a purpose in our lives. Everyone has things that holds them back and keeps them down. This coming week, try examining your life and ask yourself what can be cleared away. It could be old routines. It could be physical clutter in the home. Maybe it’s a toxic relationship you need to let go of or limit access to. Whatever it is, now is the time to address it and free yourself from it. If there are multiple things in your life that fits the bill here, perhaps you can pick just one thing this week to tackle rather than try to take them all on. Be gentle with yourself this week. The goal here is always self improvement, not to overwhelm. Small steps and making progress in this way is still forward movement.

Grim Lee’s Lesson: Ace of Cups


We need to learn how to open up our hearts to experience and expression.

This position represents what you need to be learning while working on your challenge. Therefore, your lesson at this time is found within the Ace of Cups.

Grim Lee wants us to come to understand by the end of next week that by embracing and adjusting change, we open our hearts to greater experience and expression.


Through change, our hearts open and grow to experience and expression.

It’s by embracing and managing sudden changes with grace that we are able to open our hearts to experiences and expression in this life. It is also through these changes that we are able to strengthen and grow our hearts. The human heart has a tremendous capacity for love and understanding, but it only has the ability to do so when it is open. It opens through growth and change. This is the purpose of the Tower in our lives.

Murphy Law’s Inner Lie: The Magician


Overcome the false belief that you can’t achieve your goals.

This position represents the false belief you need to overcome while working on your challenge. The inner lie at this time is revealed within the Magician.

Murphy Law will try to trip us up next week with the false belief that we don’t have the ability to manifest our desires and achieve our goals when this simply isn’t true. We do in fact have everything we need within us to face the challenge of the upcoming days if we set our minds to it. The Magician is all about creative problem solving and using the skills we already possess to the best of our abilities.

I have always viewed this card as the inner rally for a reason. It calls you to believe in yourself and to draw upon the power you hold within you. So whatever your week ends up looking like, if you find yourself low on faith remember that you have been blessed with your own unique set of gifts to use. Take the time to consider how this set of gifts can be used to help you and those around you.


Change isn’t as frightening when we are able to shape it with our gifts.

By making use of our unique gifts, we harness our personal power and this allows us to not only embrace any change that the universe throws at us, but it also allows us to bring the changes we wish to shape in our lives. We become the master of our little corner of the world. When we look at it this way, change doesn’t seem as frightening.


When we embrace and use our gifts, we open our hearts to life.

Another thing about understanding why it’s so important to overcome this internal lie, is that when we embrace our personal gifts and start using them we also begin to open our hearts to life’s experiences. We begin to express ourselves in more authentic ways. We become true to ourselves. Perhaps the greatest power in the Magician’s message here is freedom of personal expression and feeling.


The dynamic of potential growth centers upon embracing change through using our gifts so we can open our hearts.

Looking at all three of these cards together, we see the dynamic of potential growth in changing how we perceive ourselves as well as how we interact with the world around us in the coming week. It all centers upon embracing change through acknowledging and using our unique gifts. In doing this we can find ways to open our hearts and truly express ourselves.

We can shape the changes that come our way in the direction we want it to go, even if it’s only in small ways. Sometimes it’s just a matter of advocating what we need. Other times it might be trying something completely new or removing something that is no longer useful to us. No matter what’s going on, it’s important to remember that we are not powerless. We always have the ability to make choices and move forward.

Wise Toad’s Advice: Ten of Cups


Whatever it is you are dealing with, don’t be afraid to open up to someone you value and trust.

This position represents the wisdom to keep in mind as you work on your challenge. The wisdom you need at this time is found within the Ten of Cups.

The Wise Toad wants for us to remember all week in the coming days with the Ten of Cups that we are not alone. We are rich with family, friends, and loved ones. Mind you, this is about quality and not quantity here. The numbers aren’t what matters here. Whether you have just that one or a thousand, know that you are loved and you matter.


With the help and support of others, change becomes more manageable.

Whatever it is you are dealing with, don’t be afraid to open up and speak out about it to someone you value and trust. You deserve to feel connected and supported. Change can be scary and overwhelming but with the help and support of others, it can become more manageable. You don’t have to do all of it on your own. You are allowed to ask for help. Believe in this. Reach out when you need to.


Nurture the relationships of your trusted loved ones this coming week.

Reaching out and connecting with our trusted loved ones also allows us to open up and expand our hearts. There is a wealth of expression and experience here if we permit ourselves to appreciate this gift the universe has given us. These people understand and value who we are. They have seen our flaws. They have seen our potential. They uplift and celebrate all of what and who we are. Shouldn’t we be partaking in this and returning the blessing in kind? When was the last time you have expressed your gratitude for this profound interconnection? These amazing individuals are in your life at this time for a reason. This coming week consider various ways you can nurture these relationships you have with them so that they know just how much you value them.


Work with an accountability partner that you trust to support you.

There is an old saying that says two heads are better than one and another that says there is power in numbers. This is certainly true that when we rally together, we find greater courage and strength than when we are alone. It’s why having an accountability partner works for staying on track and reaching goals. I encourage you this coming week that if you have a change in mind that you have been struggling with, find someone that you trust who is supportive of you and your goals that will help you with this challenge.


Our actions determine the type of change entering our lives and how we manage it.

Let’s sit back and look at all of these cards in the spread. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that our thoughts and actions determine the type of change that enters our lives. How we behave affects how we manage upheaval. Even the most basic of thoughts decides how open or closed our hearts are to the world around us at any given moment.

When we embrace change and tackle it head on, we become willing to accept our personal power and use the unique gifts we possess. By using these gifts, we express ourselves more authentically to the world around us which invites those in our lives to become more involved. Being more involved with our loved ones also means having their support when we need it as well as giving them support in return. No one exists in a vacuum. None of us is truly alone in this world. Never forget this.

This Week’s Playlist

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