2018 Chaos Rally #46 ~ Fostering Friendships

Next week’s tarot forecast from Team Goblin focuses on improving our friendships, so of course this weekend’s Chaos Rally playlist has four songs about being friends. Enjoy!


The purpose of this Chaos Rally reading is to take a look at the coming week and see in what way we can challenge ourselves to do better in regards to our overall wellness. I ask you to approach this as a fun brainstorming session of possibilities rather than me prescribing a course of action to you.

And again, in terms of wellness I want to point out that this applies to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self. All four of these comprise the total sense of being and need to be taken care of in order to be well. As always, and I cannot stress this enough, be sure to speak to the appropriate professional before making changes to your care plan. This is especially true if my reading for some reason inspires a change in diet, exercise, supplements, or medications, or even raises a concern regarding to your health.

I’m not a specialist in any of these fields. My goal is to look at how to manage wellness in the presence and with the cooperation of your professional care team. Please keep this in mind when going over this reading.

This Coming Week’s Forecast

Here is the bird’s eye view of the spread.


Monday Button’s Challenge: Three of Cups

This coming week spend extra time with your family of choice.


Monday Button’s position represents the challenge you need to be working on at this time. Thus, what you need to be working on right now is found within the Three of Cups.

In the image of this card we see three friends enjoying each others’ company and certainly that’s what the Three of Cups is all about. It’s celebrating relationships of all kinds. So next week we need to show our gratitude for the loved ones we cherish in our lives by fostering these relationships. Now allow me to be clear here that when I say this that I am speaking about the family of choice. These are the people we choose and invite into our lives, not the ones we feel obligated to have for whatever reason. This card is one of exuberance and rejoicing, not one of duty. This coming week is one to refill our cups with happiness and to share the joy.

Grim Lee’s Lesson: Ace of Swords

We find greater strength when we are authentic.


Grim Lee’s position represents what you need to be learning while working on your challenge. Therefore, your lesson at this time is found within the Ace of Swords.

The image in this card depicts a lab with a fearsome sword in the center. I see this as a representation of the mind’s strength and fortitude. How much stronger are we when we are honest with ourselves? With others? This is the lesson we need to learn this coming week.

We need to give ourselves space to be authentic as well as others.


When we surround ourselves by those who support and uphold our authentic selves, we find vitality and truth in our lives. This is the lesson we not only need to learn, but also share with others.

Murphy Law’s Inner Lie: The Fool

There is still good in the world for those who seek it.


Murphy Law’s position represents the false belief you need to overcome while working on your challenge. The inner lie at this time is revealed within the Fool.

Here we have a young chimney sweep standing atop of a roof scanning the wide horizon of the city full of possibilities. I can’t help but wonder how his little Scottish Terrier got up there with him. They’re both filled with spunk, aren’t they? So what’s the inner lie holding us back here?

I don’t know. I think this year has been filled with some really crappy news in the media lately. Not just in my country, but world wide. Some days it’s really hard to believe there is still good things to find in the world, but here in this image with this chimney sweep the world is still his oyster. He still has his dreams and he still has the hustle to go get them. And I think that’s the point with this card this time around. We can still find good in the world if we are willing to go look for it.

Be willing to put yourself out there to experience the good in the world with those that matter in your life.


Looking at the challenge card for this coming week paired with the card representing the inner lie, it’s important to understand that we have opportunities in the days ahead for good times with those that matter to us. We only need to be willing to put ourselves out there to experience them.

Break free from this inner lie that there isn’t anything good left to experience in the world and start exploring your deeper truths this week.


By not giving into the inner lie that there isn’t anything good left in the world to explore or experience, we allow ourselves greater freedom to be authentic. In doing so, we open bigger channels of vitality within us. We need to break free from this lie and start exploring our deeper truths this coming week.

You only have one life to live, so you why not live it in an honest alignment with your heart?


Look at these three cards for a moment. By breaking through the barrier of the inner lie to seek out the good things in life, we can find richer experiences in our friendships and greater vitality in our lives overall. All this by embracing our authentic selves and granting space to the truth that exists within us. We only have one life to live, so why not choose to live it honestly? Why not align your life with what’s in your heart?

Wise Toad’s Advice: Knight of Cups

Find a balance with emotional expression this coming week.


Wise Toad’s position represents the wisdom to keep in mind as you work on your challenge. The wisdom you need at this time is found within the Knight of Cups.

The wisdom we are being asked to keep in mind this coming week is to find a balance with our emotions. This is particularly true with how we express them. We need to take care not to flood and overwhelm those around us with what we’re feeling but we also need to be sure we aren’t shutting down into an iceberg either.

Ensure that your emotional support system consists of more than one person.


Not all of us are experiencing smooth sailing in life right now, I know. Quite a few of us are riding out some serious rough patches in the Sea of Chaos. Not only is it important for us to reach out during these times, but it’s also important for us to make sure we recognize supporter burn out.

This is part of the reason I think the Knight of Cups has come up as our advice card. When we consistently flood one person with our emotions and give nothing back in return, we burn them out. Now I realize that there are times we are not in a place to give back. That can’t be helped. What I am saying here is that it’s critical to recognize the need to build a network so we aren’t leaning solely on one person for support. And then when we are in a place to give back, that we make sure that we do.

We also need to make sure that no matter what kind of head space we’re in, that we never use anyone as an emotional punching bag. There is never an excuse for that. Ever.

Being more open about how we truly feel allows us to live more authentically.


The more often we speak our truth, the more we become our authentic selves. This applies not just to our thoughts, but to our emotions too. When we are honest about how we truly feel, we align ourselves to our hearts and begin to live more authentically.

We need to allow ourselves to explore and express our emotions in order to expand and grow with our experiences.


Taking the time to explore the way we feel and expressing it opens our hearts to new experiences. The world really is our oyster when we allow ourselves room for growth and development. Every day is a new day for a fresh start and try again.

It is through our most trusted relationships that we find our truest selves.


To recap this coming week’s reading:

This challenge is to spend more time with the people that matter in our lives in order to reinforce our authenticity and recharge our vitality. In doing so we can overcome the inner lie that there isn’t anything good left in the world to discover when in fact there is plenty to build in our lives around us. However as we do this and explore how we feel, we need to maintain a balance in how we express ourselves to those we interact with so as to not cause an overload in those we care about. In the end, it will be through our most trusted relationships that we will find our truest selves.

This Week’s Playlist

Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell (Illustrator), Barbara Moore (Author) © 2012
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