Death reminds us that everything has its seasons and cycles. There is an ebb and flow to everything in life – including our personal development.

In order to discover the treasures of tomorrow, we need to weather the storms of today.

DailyDraw-11-26-18Self-care includes understanding that nothing lasts forever and embracing the changes that comes with the seasons in all things.

Death represents the closing of a chapter and the beginning of another. It’s merely a winter of an endless cycle within the universe. All things have seasons. Even human beings.

In order to grow and develop, we must all experience periods of winter and summer.

~ Panda Tarot by Severino Baraldi (Illustrator), Lo Scarabeo (Author) © 2017
~ Credit for 3D model and assets used in this rendered image can be found here.

Daily Draw 2018-008

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