2018 Chaos Rally #48 ~ Wisdom of the Village

Team Goblin’s tarot forecast covers the wisdom of the village this time around so this weekend’s Chaos Rally playlist is filled with country songs about family. Enjoy!

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11-30-18-IntroThe purpose of this Chaos Rally reading is to take a look at the coming week and see in what way we can challenge ourselves to do better in regards to our overall wellness. I ask you to approach this as a fun brainstorming session of possibilities rather than me prescribing a course of action to you.

And again, in terms of wellness I want to point out that this applies to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self. All four of these comprise the total sense of being and need to be taken care of in order to be well. As always, and I cannot stress this enough, be sure to speak to the appropriate professional before making changes to your care plan. This is especially true if my reading for some reason inspires a change in diet, exercise, supplements, or medications, or even raises a concern regarding to your health.

I’m not a specialist in any of these fields. My goal is to look at how to manage wellness in the presence and with the cooperation of your professional care team. Please keep this in mind when going over this reading.

Here is the image of this coming week’s reading.


The Challenge: The Hierophant

Know who your village is so you can share the ups and downs of life with.

Monday-05Monday Button’s position represents the challenge you need to be working on at this time. Thus, what you need to be working on right now is found within the Hierophant.

The most common association with this card is religion when really this card, I think, centers more upon organized society as a whole. And we find that within our traditions, history, education, and political systems – not just our religions.

So the question here is how does this translate into a challenge? Well I realize the Necronomicon Tarot is a rather dark deck, and I’m not super well versed with H. P. Lovecraft’s mythos,  but bear with me here.

When I look at this card, what draws my attention is the lighthouse guiding the way for the giant sea creature leading the smaller ones out of the ocean. And this makes me think of the special needs community and how often times we feel like we’re operating in the dark with just a flashlight. So often the mantra the circulates within this community is, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Now I’ve said it once before on this blog and I will say it again: the need for a village doesn’t end at adulthood. We continue to need that collective wisdom and nurturing that comes from the whole long after we have left childhood. The challenge here in adulthood is knowing when to lean upon the village and when to stand on your own.

I believe that since this reading comes during the holiday season, that this card means you need to know who your village, or tribe if you will, actually is so you can lean upon them during times of need and to have people to celebrate times of joy with.

If you don’t have a village, then it’s certainly time to build it. There’s no time like the present.

The Lesson: Two of Wands

You need to figure out how to identify and build your village.

Grim-23Grim Lee’s position represents what you need to be learning while working on your challenge. Therefore, your lesson at this time is found within the Two of Wands.

This card represents planning ahead and making choices. So the lesson to be learned here is figuring out how to plan ahead and make the choices you need to make in order to identify and build your village.

Your tribe is waiting to be found, so you do you and keep looking.

Grim-Monday-23-05I find the imagery of these two cards both striking and complimentary. In the Hierophant, the group is seeking in the night while in the Two of Wands, the group is waiting for something at dawn.

I take this to mean for every person searching for someone to fit in with, there is a compatible person waiting to be found. Or to quote my late grandfather, “There is a geek for every gawk.”

The point here is, be your authentic self. Be true to you and you’ll find the people that belong to your tribe to build your village with. Sure, you’ll turn some people off but those aren’t the people you want to be building a village with anyway if it means being someone you’re not. As you can see in the Two if Wands, your tribe is waiting to be found so you do you and keep looking, just like the Hierophant here.

The Inner Lie: Strength

You have the strength to do what needs to be done.

Murphy-08Murphy Law’s position represents the false belief you need to overcome while working on your challenge. The inner lie at this time is revealed within Strength.

I don’t know the full story behind the two creatures depicted in the scene on this card other than the one building the wall is the slave and the one in the air is the taskmaster. I believe, although I could be wrong, that eventually the slaves rebel and win their freedom. I know that throughout history in the real world that this is a fairly common occurrence.

So the inner lie here to overcome is that you do have the strength to do what needs to be done.

The value of having a village is that there is greater strength in numbers.

Murphy-Monday-08-05And looking at these two cards together, you can see that if you are not strong enough on your own then there is strength in numbers through your village. You’re not required to struggle and flounder on your own all the time.

Knowing that someone always has your back can boost your personal strength, so choose your village members wisely.

Murphy-Grim-08-23True members of your village will always be there at the wing, ready to assist or celebrate as needed. Knowledge that someone has your back can be a boost to your personal strength. So choose your family of choice, your village, wisely.

A healthy village creates a positive feedback loop that continuously boosts the strength of all members within it.

Murphy-Grim-Monday-08-23-05Looking at these three cards together, what I see is a strength building exercise. Finding your tribe and creating your village requires being your authentic self.

This means setting and holding boundaries that honors the self. You want to attract the people that will respect and uphold you while repelling those that won’t. A process like this involves perseverance and determination.

It also means that you need to know who you are and what you stand for in order to clearly set those boundaries. As you gain greater clarity in this, your personal strength grows which in turn will increase the attraction to members of your tribe.

And of course, as your village grows, it too will gain strength. When the village is strong, everyone feels uplifted and supported. Due to this, each member’s personal strength is boosted. When people feel this way they’re more inclined to invest back into the group. It then creates a positive feedback loop.

But the key part in all this is that you need to do the work on your end. You need to create the first spark of attraction here and then maintain it.

The Wisdom: Knight of Wands

Keep a clear vision of what you’re doing as you charge forward.

Toad-33Wise Toad’s position represents the wisdom to keep in mind as you work on your challenge. The wisdom you need at this time is found within the Knight of Wands.

The Knight of Wands here encourages you to be bold and daring here, but also cautions you to not be reckless. It’s important to keep a clear vision of what you’re doing as you charge forward.

By being your authentic self, your inner light will shine for others like a beacon.

Toad-Monday-33-05While it’s important to put yourself out there and meet people in order to find your tribe, you can’t expect to find those that truly belong in your village if you aren’t willing to be your authentic self. You need to allow the real you to shine through at all times.

Notice how in these two cards there are beacons of light pouring outward to lead the way? One is in the night time and one is during the day. Both are serving to show others where the point of origin is located.

When you are being authentic, your true self, your inner light will shine out in a similar fashion.

Have the courage to set the boundaries you need to attract the people you want in your life and repel those you don’t.

Toad-Grim-33-23The Knight of Wands tells you to have the confidence that there are people out there waiting to identify your light as their own to gravitate towards. This is how tribes are formed and villages are built. However, this won’t happen if you don’t have the courage to be yourself and set the boundaries you need when you interact with people. This is how you shine your inner light to attract those you want and repel those you don’t.

Your uniqueness is your greatness strength, so use it.

Toad-Murphy-33-08The Knight of Wands also tells you here not to be discouraged. You have the strength to keep doing you. There is no one in this world that knows you better than you and no one in this world and be you better than you. So do what you do best, which is simply you. Your uniqueness is your greatest strength. Use it.


As your village grows, you will be able to support and uplift one another with authentic love as only a true tribe can.

11-30-18-AllSo, to recap: your village exists out there. You only need to recognize by being your authentic self through setting good boundaries to attract and keep those you want in your life and repel those you don’t. In doing this, you find both personal inner strength and the strength found in numbers.

As your village grows, you will be able to support and uplift one another as only a true tribe and family of choice can. With authentic love.

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