Have Some Courtesy!

The only thing worse than being late is being left hanging. Just don’t do that to people.

Every morning I get my boys ready for school and out the door to wait for their ride. This involves two different rides.

One is a school bus that arrives at 7:15am. And it does like clockwork for which I am grateful.

The other is supposed to arrive “around” 9am. Now this one is for my youngest child, Little Bear. I get him out the door at 8:30am so he has time to play outside and if we’re lucky the ride shows up for his modified school day sometime around 9am when that’s when he’s supposed to be in school.

Last Friday 9:30am rolled around and I get a phone call from the school asking me why my son hasn’t shown up. Today when the clock hit 9:10am I decided to just take my son to school rather than wait any longer.

I watched the school call the bus garage to file a complaint and I head back out to my car. This is when my son’s ride showed up to offer all kinds of excuses and apologies to me. Now mind you that at this point it’s well past 30 minutes after the time my son was supposed to be in school already when this driver pulled in.



I don’t care why you’re late. I realize that you drive a special services vehicle. I get it. I have three sons with needs that frequently have episodes. I know what happens. I don’t need to hear that.

The reality is the world gives no fucks to me and expects me to be on time any way. So when shit hits the fan and I realize that it’s going to make me late, I call ahead and let people know. I don’t leave people hanging. I don’t leave people holding the bag.

Because like tomorrow? When this driver is supposed to be picking up my son is the exact same time I need to be leaving to go to my appointment that is an hour drive away. I cannot afford for her to be late.

So, no. Full stop. Have some decency. It’s basic courtesy. Don’t show up thirty minutes after the fact and give me excuses as to why you’re late because I don’t care. No one has time for that.

Have you ever had a morning like this? Let me know in the comments below.

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