Aphrodite from the Goddess Guidance Oracle reminds us to embrace the divine feminine within.

We all have inner beauty worthy of love and acceptance which starts with ourselves.

DailyDraw-12-29-18Ralph Smart from Infinite Waters had said that self acceptance is knowing who you are and that self love is nurturing and cultivating that acceptance. It’s also often said that self love is self care, but I have no idea who coined the phrase first.

The divine feminine is the ability to love without reservation, unconditionally, and unapologetically. It’s often referred to as a mother’s love. We tend to be stingy to ourselves when it comes to this type of love when we need the most.

Be willing to celebrate who you are as a mother would her child.

~ Goddess Guidance Oracle by Lisa Iris (Illustrator), Doreen Virtue (Author) © 2004
~ Credit for 3D model and assets used in this rendered image can be found here.

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