Judgement reminds us that eventually we will all be called upon to answer for everything we have chosen.

Even inaction is a choice. Free agency is a powerful responsibility that we need to remain mindful of daily.

DailyDraw-01-09-19Judgement is the final card in the Major Arcana dealing with karma. It is here that we answer for what we have put into the Wheel of Fortune with the choices we have made after they have been weighed and measured by Justice.

What you see in the image of this card is the Guardian of Eden preventing Adam and Eve from returning to the Garden of Eden. They have already made the choice to partake of the Fruit of Knowledge and they have fallen as the consequence.

As spiritual beings living a human experience, we have been given conscious awareness and free agency. This is a profound power and with it comes a tremendous responsibility. We have the ability to use it for amazing good, horrendous evil, or idle wastefulness. Each day you shape and weave your fate and destiny with it.

Every choice we make has a consequence, whether positive or negative. It will either bring us closer to what we desire or not. Adam and Eve discovered this the hard way, but we can learn from their lesson.

Whatever it is you choose to do, you need to be mindful of the potential consequences.

~ Necronomicon Tarot by Anne Stokes (Illustrator), Donald Tyson (Author) © 2012
~ Credit for 3D model and assets used in this rendered image can be found here.

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Daily Draw 2019-01-09

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