Mud season is well underway over here in Maine and two nights ago the peeper frogs finally began to sing. Winter is officially over!

If you have never heard a peeping frog, listen to this video someone was so kind to post.

Our egg hunt with the three boys went fairly well. We had only 70 eggs to find since their frustration threshold is about 20 eggs each. Once again Scholar Owl requested color coded eggs, because once again I had forgotten to do that.

We used the plastic eggs and filled them with the candy we knew they liked while my parents and I reminisced over how there used to be those marshmallow like filled candy eggs my parents used to hide before the plastic eggs came about.

One year, one of those candy eggs wasn’t found until July and my brother ate it in front of us anyway. I remember how all of us were mortified. Me especially for some reason. I think it’s funny now. But that’s how my brother always is. If it’s edible, he’ll eat it.

I went with the pre-made baskets this year and unfortunately Scholar Owl’s basket turned out to be filled with mostly paper. Fortunately I had some Xbox cards on hand to give him, but I felt bad and embarrassed about how upset he was with it. He didn’t blame me since he understood that I couldn’t see inside, but still it sucked. From now on I’ll stick to putting together the baskets myself. It’s more time consuming, and maybe a bit more expensive, but at least then I’ll know exactly what’s in them.

Little Bear had made a point to ask for a plush bunny ahead of time this year and I’m happy that I found one that he fell in love with. So much so that he named it after my plush frog, Herbert. I think that’s really saying something.

I got Tuxedo Cat a set of those My Little Pony mystery boxes since he’s been collecting them here and there for a little over a year now. In all this time he has never gotten a Pinkie Pie, his favorite pony. Today, in the first box he opened, he finally got her. I have no idea if he has the full set now or not, but to see how his face lit up when he came into my room to show me the tiny figurine was priceless.

The day isn’t over yet. My parents are now cooking Easter dinner and we’re expecting more family to be coming over to visit later on. For now though, everything is peaceful and no one is fighting.

Little Bear has already passed out again after staying up most of the night in anticipation of the hunt. While I know this will likely cause problems tomorrow in the morning with getting ready for school, I don’t have the heart to fight with him today. This past week has been a little rough even though it’s been a school vacation. Sometimes you just need to pick your battles and call a truce when you can.

Whether you are celebrating Easter or Ostara, I hope this season greets you and your loved ones with all the best.


Happy Easter and Ostara 2019

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