Scholar Owl’s Graduation

Scholar Owl graduated last night! He earned himself a public high school diploma through the Adult Education program here in Maine’s education system.

Not the GED or HiSet, but the actual high school diploma. They accepted his homeschool credits and transcript, copied them over, and added the courses he took through them to their transcript. So now he has a public school transcript and a public school diploma.

Starting next year, these transcripts will be going into a statewide database. I don’t know how that will work for homeschool students where normally if they don’t go through a public school system in some way, they have to keep track of their own transcripts.

If you go through the high school or Adult Ed, your homeschool transcript will also be added to the database. This at least is something to keep in mind since it will put the transcript into an official place and give proof that your student graduated.

I chose the Adult Ed path because my understanding of the law seems to give the principal of the school more leeway as to whether or not they accept your transcript or not. Since I kept good records and Scholar Owl scored high on their assessments, Adult Ed accepted everything without question.

Normally at the end of the year I send in a letter to the administration office to the school district office and the state department from a certified teacher stating instruction for the year has indeed occurred and whether or not I intend to homeschool him another year. Since the school administrator gave my son his diploma, I’m assuming he doesn’t need the letter but I still need to know if there is anything left for me to do.

He is 18 years old now, so even if he hadn’t graduated I’m not legally required to send him to school anymore. A letter of intent is no longer required. Do I send in the photocopied diploma or photocopied transcript they gave me? Both?

This is the part that no one has ever explained to me: What is the final thing you do when your child has completed school?

Yes, I’m a stickler when it comes to paperwork and red tape. But I like to make sure I get it done right.

When I contacted the Homeschoolers of Maine, they informed me that I’m all set since my son is now beyond the age of compulsory school attendance. Just feels weird to me that I don’t need to send in a final letter of completion or anything is all.

At least we’re done and he has his diploma and transcript if anything comes up.

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