Queen of Swords asks us to be aware of and to honor the perception of others since it’s the ability to interpret the world through our five senses.

As they say, the customer’s perception is your reality.

DailyDraw-07-29-19The five senses are powerful experiences and it’s dangerous to try to convince someone they didn’t experience something they believe they had – for many reasons – just because you didn’t have the same experience.

After all, you do not possess their brain and you have no way of knowing whether or not both of your brains are even attending to the same stimulus at the same time – never mind interpreting it in the same way.

Perception isn’t about a belief in facts. You can argue and dispute facts. Perception is defined as a process of interpretation of a present stimulus on the basis of past experience. You cannot argue or dispute the stimulus someone else’s brain attended to and interpreted. Before you can even interpret a stimulus, the brain must first deem it important enough to attend to it. Otherwise, it doesn’t exist to your reality.

This is why if someone deems you to be rude, for example, you need to step back and consider the feedback objectively rather than immediately arguing with them. Take a moment to consider what would make them say this. This doesn’t make either of you automatically right, but it does mean it needs your consideration.

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Daily Draw 2019-07-29

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