Just a Blog Housekeeping Note

For the first time in three years, I can’t quite afford the bill this time around to pay for the business plan for the blog. Paying for this level of an account lets me upload as many image renders as I want without worry of the space since it’s unlimited.

I’m just a little short, but this year it came right as school is getting started and my car is in need of repairs. I honestly don’t know if it’s going to impact the content of my blog or not. I should know within the next day or two.

It will mean losing the Tode’s Tarot Shop and the plugins that came with it, but I haven’t been happy with the way it works anyhow. I’ve been thinking about creating a special space somewhere else just for that – maybe a Facebook page or something like it.

The url for the blog is a different bill, so I’ll be keeping that for now at least.

Hopefully things won’t get too terribly messed up here and things will continue to sail smoothly as one can on the seas of chaos.

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