The Lovers remind us that the choices we make each day impact not just our lives, but others as well.

While we do need to do what’s best for us, we need to remain mindful of the ripple effect it may cause.

DailyDraw-11-05-19The closer you are to someone, the greater the impact your choices are likely to make. Take this into consideration before you act upon major, life altering decisions.

~ Credit for 3D model and assets used in this rendered image can be found here.
~ Steampunk Tarot by Aly Fell (Illustrator), Barbara Moore (Author) © 2012

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In certain jurisdictions, a tarot professional is required to disclose to you that tarot readings should be for entertainment purposes only, and if such a law applies to this reading, then you are hereby on notice thereof.

Daily Draw 2019-11-05

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