Thank You for Exploring Tarot with Me

Exploration of the general meanings of each tarot card has come to an end for Tarot Thursdays.

The first post for this series was on July 26, 2018 with the Ace of Cups and ended with The World on January 16, 2020. That’s a really long time. When I started this project, I didn’t stop to think how big of an undertaking it would be or how far out the scheduled posts would become.

It is my hope that all of you that have followed this series have found it as useful as I have and that the writing challenges that I post that use the tarot cards will have greater context and meaning for you now.

For those of you that have stuck it out with me for this entire series, you have my deepest gratitude. Each of you should now have your very own set of general keywords for the cards to use for my randomized prompts. If you happen to get a deck of your own, you’ll be able to create your own unique set of prompts with the cards.

I hope to have other tarot themed series running, but in the meantime I will close this post with a table with my collection of keywords for this run.

Again, thank you so much for participating!


Table of My General Key Words and Phrases

Ace of Cups Gift of the Heart
Two of Cups Bonding
Three of Cups Exuberance
Four of Cups Depression
Five of Cups Grief
Six of Cups Goodwill
Seven of Cups Options
Eight of Cups Moving On
Nine of Cups Satisfaction
Ten of Cups Harmony
Page of Cups Promise of the Heart
Knight of Cups Defender of the Heart
Queen of Cups Mother of the Heart
King of Cups Master of the Heart
Ace of Wands Gift of the Soul
Two of Wands Preparation
Three of Wands Exploration
Four of Wands Rituals
Five of Wands Challenge
Six of Wands Victory
Seven of Wands Boundaries
Eight of Wands Karmic Action
Nine of Wands Perseverance
Ten of Wands Overwhelmed
Page of Wands Promise of the Soul
Knight of Wands Charger of the Soul
Queen of Wands Mother of the Soul
King of Wands Master of the Soul
Ace of Pentacles Gift of the Body
Two of Pentacles Adaptability
Three of Pentacles Collaboration
Four of Pentacles Security
Five of Pentacles Poverty
Six of Pentacles Equivalent Exchange
Seven of Pentacles Assessment
Eight of Pentacles Diligence
Nine of Pentacles Work-Life Balance
Ten of Pentacles Establishment
Page of Pentacles Promise of the Body
Knight of Pentacles Steward of the Body
Queen of Pentacles Mother of the Body
King of Pentacles Master of the Body
Ace of Swords Gift of the Mind
Two of Swords Deliberation
Three of Swords Painful Truth
Four of Swords Mindfulness
Five of Swords Negative Ambition
Six of Swords Transitions
Seven of Swords Stealth
Eight of Swords Entanglement
Nine of Swords Trepidation
Ten of Swords Release
Page of Swords Promise of the Mind
Knight of Swords Wielder of the Mind
Queen of Swords Mother of the Mind
King of Swords Master of the Mind
The Fool Pure Potential
The Magician Power of Action
The High Priestess Power of Understanding
The Empress Great Mother
The Emperor Great Father
The Hierophant Glue of Society
The Lovers Free Agency
The Chariot Will Power
Strength Compassion
The Hermit Inner Guide
Wheel of Fortune Karma
Justice Balanced Wisdom
The Hanged Man Suspension of Disbelief
Death Winter Cycle
Temperance Synergy
The Devil Natural Man
The Tower Revelation
The Star Hope
The Moon Subconscious
The Sun Enlightenment
Judgement Rebirth
The World Completion


If you enjoyed this post, or have some thoughts about it, please let me know!

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