Lunar Intentions 2020 – February

According to folk-lore, the New Moon and waxing phases are fertile and wet. This is the best time to set intentions, start goals, and launch projects. Meanwhile the Full Moon and waning phases, the tide recedes and thus things dry up. So this is a good time to thin, weed out, and prune.

Another New Moon is upon us and now is the time to clarify our intentions and solidify our commitments for the lunar month ahead. With today’s reading we will explore the energies of the Four Pillars of Wellness and our current point in the Journey of Life. In doing so we can take the time to consider what we do and don’t want in our lives and set the appropriate intentions and goals towards what we desire.

Here is the spread for this New Moon’s reading.


Current Point on Life’s Path – The Tower

Change to clear your path to growth is coming.

LI-01-02-2020The primary message of the Tower is change. And it’s not about the garden variety of change. It’s about the sort of change that breaks down obstacles and barriers to growth, even when we believe we’re comfortable with them.

So you have a choice: you can resist this change or you can embrace it, but either way this change is coming. When you embrace you it you have the opportunity to face it head on and harness the momentum to propel you forward instead of it bringing you down.

Where can you proactively clear obstacles, barriers, and clutter from your life?

Spiritual Needs – Three of Wands

Explore your soul more at this time and allow it to lead the way.

LI-02-02-2020You are being called to explore your soul more at this time and allow it to lead the way. The key to your life’s true purpose isn’t an exercise of the mind. Rather, it’s a song harbored within the resonance of your spirit. It’s the things that uplift you, energize you, bring you peace and joy.

Are you aware of what truly resonates with your being? If not, it’s time to start experimenting with various activities.

LI-03-02-2020Anything that creates true discord with your spirit needs to be removed from your life. Discord blocks the proper flow of your energy and wellness. If you’re not well then all of your energy goes into trying to become well rather than growing and developing. Do yourself a huge favor by identifying these blockages and doing whatever you can to clear them away.

Emotional Needs – Eight of Pentacles

Examine the skills you have regarding how you manage and cope with your emotions.

LI-04-02-2020Eight of Pentacles is a sign of learning and developing new skills or mastering skills you already have. Since this card landed in the emotional needs position it’s time to consider examining the skills you have regarding how you manage and cope with your emotions.

Are you able to name and claim what it is you feel in the moment? Are you able to sit with and observe the emotion without it becoming and controlling you? Are you able to perform emotional first aid? Do you know how to harness the energy of your feelings or release it when appropriate? Can you hold space for your emotions and for others?

These are all healthy skills to have for functional well-being.

LI-05-02-2020Feeling emotionally overwhelmed is usually a sign of clutter somewhere in our lives. One may first look for physical clutter as the culprit, but here instead you are encouraged to look at the clutter in your schedule and your mind.

When we try to multi-task, what we’re actually doing is causing our attention to rapidly switch tracks. We end up losing focus and productivity in doing this. It generates more stress on a biochemical level than if we had just focused on one thing at a time.

So when you feel overwhelmed, it is a clear sign to start simplifying your life. Clear away the clutter and focus on one thing, one task, at a time.

LI-06-02-2020Emotions serve as messengers within the body. Honor them as such. The better you become at working with and allowing them to flow with grace and ease, the easier it becomes to explore and understand what it is your spirit needs from you.

Mental Needs – Three of Swords

Release your attachment to specifics and permit the magic of unfolding to occur.

LI-07-02-2020In the mental realm, pain and sometimes even a sense of betrayal comes when we are attached to specific outcomes or how we think things should play out. The Three of Swords is here to remind you that the Universe has your back and wants only what is best for you, even when you don’t understand the reason for things in the moment.

Release your attachment to specifics and permit the magic of unfolding to occur.

LI-08-02-2020Sometimes the most painful things we experience are when things don’t go the way we believe they should have. The source of this pain is the attachment we had to the details of the outcome. This pain and attachment is the ego in action.

Things go the way they need to go because we all exist together simultaneously. Everyone’s life path is unfolding at the same time. Everyone’s desires and choices are scripting at once. So it’s the Universe that determines how it all needs to flow in harmony with each other. If you were the only person that existed in the Universe, then yes, everything would go the way you desired. This is true the reason behind everything.

The pain is alleviated when we are able to align ourselves with the our authentic selves, which in turn aligns us with the Universe. Doing this often involves breaking down the limiting beliefs we carry that box us in and create the attachments we hold.

LI-09-02-2020As you release your attachments to what you think the way things should be or ought to be, allow your soul to lead the way as things unfold for you in the way they need to be.

Explore the reasons as to why you believe things should be a certain and ask yourself if that belief is really serving you in a positive way.

LI-10-02-2020It’s time to develop and strengthen the skills you need to cope with releasing attachments and healing pain. It is not so much time that heals all wounds, but the work and effort that is put into it. The physical body does most of the work for us and this is why we perceive it to be time. However, when it comes to the mind, heart, and spirit, we need to put in that effort and energy into the healing process.

Physical Needs – Six of Pentacles

Physically, you need to establish and maintain balance in your life.

LI-11-02-2020The physical need here is balance. Are you putting into your body the same amount of energy that is coming out of it? We’re talking about diet here.

You know you’re getting enough fluid for example when the volume of your urine equals the volume of what you’re drinking. It should be roughly the same. Less indicates dehydration. More indicates you’re flooding the system and risking washing out electrolytes and other things.

A similar balance is needed for calories too to maintain weight. Too many, you gain weight. Too little, you lose weight. Adjust accordingly. Only you can decide where you need to be and what your goals are for a healthy weight.

Pay attention to how you are feeling. Are you always feeling cold at room temperatures? Do you always feel sluggish and tired? Talk to your doctor about this and where your body fat percentage is at and what your blood circulation looks like. Have your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels looked at. Get your thyroid, vitamin, and iron levels checked.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see a registered dietician if you feel the need.

Are you as active as equally as you are resting? Are you struggling with a flight of stairs? How do your joints feel when you move around? What’s your strength look like? What does your physical balance look like? Talk to your doctor about this. Maybe seeing a physical therapist or personal trainer can help you out.

What does your sleep look like? Is sleep a problem? Talk to your doctor about this. Sometimes getting a sleep study done opens up many solutions that otherwise would never be available.

It’s really important that you feel comfortable with your day to day life and the activities required for you to get through your basic day.

LI-12-02-2020Is your physical space at home making you sick?

Really take the time to consider this question.

Obviously the space needs to be clean enough that it isn’t a breeding ground for pathogens and pests. However, your home also needs to feel safe and inviting to you on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level. Does it achieve this? If not, what needs to be done to change this?

Your home is the launching pad for your entire life each day. Make it a good one.

This is especially true for the bedroom since this is where you restore yourself when you go to sleep.

LI-13-02-2020If you do not feel balanced within yourself, it is incredibly difficult to explore your passions, life purpose, and path. So if you currently don’t have this balance, finding it needs to be the priority. Inner peace and clarity comes with the balance, making it easier to hear the soul.

LI-14-02-2020As I just got done saying, finding and maintaining balance brings inner peace and clarity. This also brings emotional calm. And like everything else regarding emotions, this creating this balance is a worthwhile skill set to learn and master.

LI-15-02-2020When we master the art of balance in our lives, it becomes easier to manage and adjust to the bumps and disappointments we encounter in the road of our lives. The pain still exists, but we are better equipped to heal it. We are more likely to turn obstacles into opportunities.


By clearly defining what you desire and taking action upon it, you make forward progress in your life.

LI-16-02-2020As we come to the end of the reading, let’s look at the entire spread and review the key points presented.

Change to clear your path to growth is coming. What do you need to clear away to promote your own growth? How to do plan to do that?

Explore your soul more at this time and allow it to lead the way. Are you aware of what resonates with your authentic self? What are you willing to experiment with?

Examine the skills you have regarding how you manage and cope with your emotions. What skills do you need to develop or strengthen at this time? What steps are you going to take towards this?

Release your attachment to specifics and permit the magic of unfolding to occur. Which core beliefs are you attached to right now are no longer serving you in a positive way? How do you intend to let them go?

Physically, you need to establish and maintain balance in your life. What needs to be balanced in you life right now? How do you intend to achieve that?

By clearly defining what you desire and taking action upon it, you make forward progress in your life.

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LI-17-02-2020Is this reading helpful to you? In light of what’s presented here, what are your intentions for the month ahead? What are you committed to doing?

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