Welter Quill 2020-Feb

 Character 1

Deep Past Position: Judgement

  • This card indicates the character experienced an awakening of some kind deep in their past at some point. This marked a major turning point in their life.

Recent Past Position: Seven of Coins

  • Due to this awakening, the character took the time to assess their life and consider where they were going from here on out. They sought out and determined their life’s true purpose.

Current Situation Position: Four of Cups

  • Unfortunately, things are not turning out as they had expected or as they had hoped right away. This has left them feeling very discouraged at this time.

Character 2

Deep Past Position: Queen of Coins

  • This character has come from a very supported and nurtured childhood. Thus this person is very grounded in nature.

Recent Past Position: The Hermit

  • This person went off into the world to discover the way of things on their own. Quite possibly through college or some other similar means.

Current Situation Position: Three of Wands

  • As a result, this person is seeking out new possibilities and adventures with the knowledge they currently have.


Conflict Position: Nine of Cups

  • Both of these characters are seeking satisfaction in life, but as of yet neither of them have found it. It’s possible they could find it in each other in some way.

Your task is to write a story exploring these two characters and the conflict between them. Good luck!

~ Dragon Tarot by Terry Donaldson (Author), Peter Pracownik (Illustrator) © 1995
~ Credit for 3D model and assets used in this rendered image can be found here. 

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