Thank You for Exploring Emotions with Tarot with Me

Exploration of the emotions for each tarot card has come to an end for Tuesdays.

The first post for this series was on September 11, 2018. It’s been a long journey, but unlike when I began my Exploring Tarot Series, I knew what I was getting into this time.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and have found it as useful as I have in exploring your emotions. I also hope that the writing prompts provided improved the context and meaning of the tarot cards for you.

If you have followed this series throughout its entirety, you have my deepest gratitude. By now you have your own full set of emotional keywords for both personal use and with the tarot.

It is my intent to continue to run other tarot themed series, but for now I will close this post with a table with my collection of keywords for this run.

Again, thank you so much for participating!


Table of My Emotional Keywords

Ace of CupsInspired
Two of CupsUnified
Three of CupsJoyful
Four of CupsDespondent
Five of CupsMournful
Six of CupsSentimental
Seven of CupsWishful
Eight of CupsAbandoned
Nine of CupsRestored
Ten of CupsFulfilled
Page of CupsCreative
Knight of CupsSensitive
Queen of CupsComfortable
King of CupsCalm
Ace of WandsEnergized
Two of WandsBrave
Three of WandsAdventurous
Four of WandsRapport
Five of WandsAgitated
Six of WandsProud
Seven of WandsDefensive
Eight of WandsRushed
Nine of WandsDetermined
Ten of WandsBurdened
Page of WandsOptimistic
Knight of WandsBold
Queen of WandsOutgoing
King of WandsAssertive
Ace of PentaclesAbundant
Two of PentaclesBalanced
Three of PentaclesFocused
Four of PentaclesPossessive
Five of PentaclesEmpty
Six of PentaclesResourceful
Seven of PentaclesGrateful
Eight of PentaclesMotivated
Nine of PentaclesRested
Ten of PentaclesAffluent
Page of PentaclesTrusting
Knight of PentaclesProductive
Queen of PentaclesSupported
King of PentaclesStable
Ace of SwordsIntelligent
Two of SwordsMeditative
Three of SwordsHeartbroken
Four of SwordsPrepared
Five of SwordsConflicted
Six of SwordsCrestfallen
Seven of SwordsAvoidant
Eight of SwordsDirectionless
Nine of SwordsWorried
Ten of SwordsExhausted
Page of SwordsResolved
Knight of SwordsIncisive
Queen of SwordsWitty
King of SwordsDispassionate
The FoolFresh
The MagicianEmpowered
The High PriestessIntuitive
The EmpressExpressive
The EmperorPowerful
The HierophantRestricted
The LoversAutonomous
The ChariotDriven
The HermitIntrospective
Wheel of FortuneDestined
The Hanged ManFaithful
The DevilTrapped
The TowerDisrupted
The StarGenerous
The MoonPensive
The SunInvigorated
The WorldIntegrated

If you enjoyed this post, or have some thoughts about it, please let me know!

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