Thank You for Exploring Emotions with Tarot with Me

Exploration of the emotions for each tarot card has come to an end for Tuesdays.

The first post for this series was on September 11, 2018. It’s been a long journey, but unlike when I began my Exploring Tarot Series, I knew what I was getting into this time.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and have found it as useful as I have in exploring your emotions. I also hope that the writing prompts provided improved the context and meaning of the tarot cards for you.

If you have followed this series throughout its entirety, you have my deepest gratitude. By now you have your own full set of emotional keywords for both personal use and with the tarot.

It is my intent to continue to run other tarot themed series, but for now I will close this post with a table with my collection of keywords for this run.

Again, thank you so much for participating!


Table of My Emotional Keywords

Ace of Cups Inspired
Two of Cups Unified
Three of Cups Joyful
Four of Cups Despondent
Five of Cups Mournful
Six of Cups Sentimental
Seven of Cups Wishful
Eight of Cups Abandoned
Nine of Cups Restored
Ten of Cups Fulfilled
Page of Cups Creative
Knight of Cups Sensitive
Queen of Cups Comfortable
King of Cups Calm
Ace of Wands Energized
Two of Wands Brave
Three of Wands Adventurous
Four of Wands Rapport
Five of Wands Agitated
Six of Wands Proud
Seven of Wands Defensive
Eight of Wands Rushed
Nine of Wands Determined
Ten of Wands Burdened
Page of Wands Optimistic
Knight of Wands Bold
Queen of Wands Outgoing
King of Wands Assertive
Ace of Pentacles Abundant
Two of Pentacles Balanced
Three of Pentacles Focused
Four of Pentacles Possessive
Five of Pentacles Empty
Six of Pentacles Resourceful
Seven of Pentacles Grateful
Eight of Pentacles Motivated
Nine of Pentacles Rested
Ten of Pentacles Affluent
Page of Pentacles Trusting
Knight of Pentacles Productive
Queen of Pentacles Supported
King of Pentacles Stable
Ace of Swords Intelligent
Two of Swords Meditative
Three of Swords Heartbroken
Four of Swords Prepared
Five of Swords Conflicted
Six of Swords Crestfallen
Seven of Swords Avoidant
Eight of Swords Directionless
Nine of Swords Worried
Ten of Swords Exhausted
Page of Swords Resolved
Knight of Swords Incisive
Queen of Swords Witty
King of Swords Dispassionate
The Fool Fresh
The Magician Empowered
The High Priestess Intuitive
The Empress Expressive
The Emperor Powerful
The Hierophant Restricted
The Lovers Autonomous
The Chariot Driven
Strength Peaceful
The Hermit Introspective
Wheel of Fortune Destined
Justice Validated
The Hanged Man Faithful
Death Transformed
Temperance Cooperative
The Devil Trapped
The Tower Disrupted
The Star Generous
The Moon Pensive
The Sun Invigorated
Judgement Awakened
The World Integrated

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