Lunar Intentions 2020 – April

According to folk-lore, the New Moon and waxing phases are fertile and wet. This is the best time to set intentions, start goals, and launch projects. Meanwhile the Full Moon and waning phases, the tide recedes and thus things dry up. So this is a good time to thin, weed out, and prune.

Another New Moon is upon us and now is the time to clarify our intentions and solidify our commitments for the lunar month ahead. With today’s reading we will explore the energies of the Four Pillars of Wellness and our current point in the Journey of Life. In doing so we can take the time to consider what we do and don’t want in our lives and set the appropriate intentions and goals towards what we desire.

Here is the spread for this New Moon’s reading.


Current Point on Life’s Path – Queen of Pentacles

What are your goals and what is your care plan right now?

LI-01-04-2020This lunar cycle’s focus is on being resourceful and nurturing. Now is the time to be practical, down to earth, and taking care of yourself and anyone else in your immediate environment.

The earth element is not about taking risks. It’s about planning and being deliberate and intentional with your actions. It’s about making the best of what you have in whatever situation you’re in at the time.

Any time I see an earth card, I think of farming. A farmer doesn’t throw his seeds out into the air, walk away, and expect his harvest to go well. He plans his fields ahead of time and puts the work in to get that harvest.

Whatever it is you’re going through and whatever outcome you desire, you will need to do the same. You will need to plan and put in the work. And just as importantly, you will need to make sure that you are taking care of yourself and those around you as you do.

So what are your goals and what is your care plan right now?

Spiritual Needs – King of Pentacles

In order to have a rock in your life, you need to be a rock as well.

LI-02-04-2020The King of Pentacles is someone that is rock steady and always counted on in a crisis. Spiritually, we all need that rock. This is especially true in times of crisis.

The question here is not just do you have that rock in your life, but are you that rock for others?

Can you be counted on in a crisis? It what ways are you available to others? To whom are you available to be that rock? Have you clearly communicated this them? Is your word your bond?

Do you know who the rocks are in your life? Do you know in what ways they are available to you? Have they clearly communicated this to you? Is their word their bond?

These questions are important because they are part of what builds the foundation of trust, which in turn form connection. Connection is the primary drive of our spiritually. We all need to feel connected in order to be spiritually well and this connection goes both ways.

In order to have a rock in your life, you need to be a rock as well.

LI-03-04-2020When two people who are willing to be spiritual rocks come together, they nurture and support each other. They are reliable and trustworthy in each others’ lives.

In doing so, they create a solid framework in which to plan and build their lives in. It doesn’t matter what type of relationship these two people have with each other. What matters is the knowing that someone has your back and believes in you. That if you should fall, they will be there to lift you up.

And what’s important to understand here is, people are more willing to trust you and be there for you if they know beyond a doubt that you will do the same for them.

This is what it means to be a rock in a person’s life.

Emotional Needs – Ten of Pentacles

Focus on small steps that will move you towards the long-term goals you have to give you a sense of certainty you need.

LI-04-04-2020The key concept coming in from the Ten of Pentacles here is the emotional need for permanence.

Now, first of all we all know that nothing is really permanent so that isn’t really what we want, is it? Really on an emotional level, what we’re seeking is a sense of security and certainty. So how do we do that with the way things are, as they are, right now?

The first step is to accept it for what it is, as it is. Until you do, nothing can be done about it and the reason for that is you are so busy expending your energy resisting it. So, once you have come to terms with what is and have accepted it, you can then start looking at what you can actually change. Once you have that list, you can set goals and make an actionable plan.

This is really about focusing on what you can do right now in small steps that will move you forward towards the long-term goals you have.

If that’s just focusing on safety right now, then that’s what you do. If it’s taking online courses, then do it. Whatever it is, doesn’t matter. What matters is that it gives you the sense of certainty that you need.

LI-05-04-2020The need for novelty and certainty is on the same spectrum, with novelty on one end and certainty on the other, and each person falls somewhere different on that line. Only you know where you fall on this line.

What’s important is honoring this spectrum need within yourself. There is never anything wrong with your ratio of novelty vs. certainty. Just as there is nothing wrong with anyone else’s ratio. If you have a lower need for novelty, that’s fine. If you have a lower need for certainty, that is also fine. Honor it either way. It is intrinsic to you.

Nurturing this need is especially important during times of crisis since it will be felt much stronger.

I haven’t come right out and mentioned Covid-19, but I will now. Many of us are in quarantine or at the very least stuck with a Stay At Home order right now.

How do you meet the need for certainty right now? The easiest way to do that is to set up a fixed daily routine for yourself. Visit my blog post here for instructions on how to make a visual routine checklist if you’re interested in something like that.

How do you meet the need for novelty right now? Commit to doing something different on a regular basis.

If your novelty needs are high, then the frequency of this also needs to be high – like daily and part of your daily routine. Chances are, your daily routine should even be set up in a more flexible, less rigid format. The something different that you’re doing may even be something new. A new book. A new project. A new puzzle. A new movie. A new place to walk if that is allowed for you. You get the idea.

If your novelty needs are low, then the frequency of this should also be low – like weekly. Chances are, you are the type of person that will set up a more rigid daily routine for yourself but you’re still going to need new things to do to offset boredom.

The point here is, figure out what your threshold is and nurture it. Figure out what the threshold is of those you may be living with and work with that too. Doing so with protect your emotional well-being.

LI-06-04-2020While it is important to be a spiritual rock for others, it’s also important to be a spiritual rock for yourself. Doing so creates the certainty you need without being entirely dependent on others.

Interdependence is the ideal here.

Not complete independence, since that breeds disconnection and isolation.

Not co-dependence, since that breeds enmeshment and resentment.

Interdependence means each person can stand on their own, but they still work together for the highest good. This is the ideal balance.

So if you need that fixed daily routine and those you live with don’t, go ahead and follow that routine without expecting them to follow it as well. All it means is they require a higher level of novelty than you and this is okay. Don’t expect them to provide a routine for you. Provide it for yourself.

If you need novelty and are living with someone who needs a fixed daily routine, do your best to honor this. Find other ways to meet your need for novelty without disrupting their routine.

In this way, not only do you become a rock for yourself, but you become a supportive rock for them as well.

Mental Needs – Ace of Cups

The mind craves authentic expression at this time.

LI-07-04-2020This card deals with emotional expression, intuition, and intimacy. It’s not just about love. It’s about the need to connect with others in meaningful and deep way.

And since this landed on the Mental Needs position, this means there is a need to go beyond idle chit chat or the mundane surface level conversations.

We’re talking about in depth discussions that stimulates the mind here. With others and with yourself. There is a desire to truly open up and be seen for real. This is what it truly means to be intimate. It is that level of vulnerability where you allow yourself to be authentic with others.

And when I say conversation, it doesn’t necessarily mean through speaking. It can be through writing, or music, or art, or any other form of communication in which you allow your true self to shine through for others to witness. This is where you need to trust your own instincts as to what will work best for you.

LI-08-04-2020Authentic self expression is a healthy way to nurture yourself. Sharing it with others is a way of nurturing them. When we are able to connect with others through our creative and authentic forms of expression, everyone benefits.

Another advantage of this is that it is one way of finding and identifying members of our Soul Tribe. When we are being our authentic selves, we attract those who are able to accept and repel those who reject our true selves. In the end, this is what we desire.

LI-09-04-2020Another benefit to being authentic through our expressions is there is no longer a need to hide or keep track of anything. We naturally become more honest with ourselves and with others. By default, this makes us more trustworthy and reliable. We then become the rock in every aspect of our lives.

LI-10-04-2020Creative, emotional expression is a simple and easy way of bringing novelty into our lives and by doing it on a regular basis it adds a level of certainty as well. Overall it enhances our mental and emotional wellness by serving as a pressure valve. It allows us to process and release whatever emotions we are feeling in a healthy way.

Physical Needs – The Fool

It is imperative for the immune system to keep stress levels as low as possible.

LI-11-04-2020In the context of physical needs, The Fool here focuses on faith to keep worry, fear, and anxiety down as much as possible. Our immune systems decline as our stress levels increases. There is no denying that these are stressful times indeed, so it’s imperative that we do whatever we can to keep our stress levels down as much as possible.

Is going for a nature walk relaxing for you? Do it. Bubble baths your thing? Do it. Meditation? Do it. Taking extra naps right now? Do it. Limiting or avoiding the news? Do it. Whatever it is you need to do to achieve and maintain a relaxed state, then that’s what you need to do.

Don’t know what works for you or what did has stopped working? Start experimenting to find out what will work for you. There is no better time than during this historical global crisis. If it will work for you right now, then it will continue to work for you during the good times too.

LI-12-04-2020In order to keep stress levels low and boost your immune system, commit to nurturing your physical well-being.

Get the rest you need when you need it. Gently move your body. Eat nourishing food. Practice good hygiene. None of this needs to be fancy or complicated. The basics will do. Remember that it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be good enough.

No one likes the stay at home order. No one likes quarantine. No one likes to have their lives up ended and turned upside down. The focus here is to trust the process, take it one day at a time, one step at a time, and do the best you can with what you have. This is not a sprint, but a marathon. So pace yourself and commit to the long haul.

LI-13-04-2020One of the requirements of being trustworthy, is to also be trusting. We’re not talking about blind faith here. What we’re talking about here is that we perceive the world around us through the lens of who we are.

The more honest and trustworthy we are, the more we view the world as being the same. The less honest and trustworthy we are, the more suspicious of the world we become.

Suspicion creates stress, and how much of it is really necessary? Is the world around you really out to get you? If so, why are you surrounding yourself with these people?

Do what you need to do to be at peace with yourself and the world around you.

LI-14-04-2020The non-religious definition of faith is having a complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

In many ways this is related to certainty and a sense of security. When you don’t have either of those, it’s challenging to have faith in anything. And without faith, stress rises.

At the very least, have faith in yourself and your own capabilities during these trying times. So far you have survived every single challenging day you have ever been through. This says a lot about yourself.

You can get through this too, one day at a time. Whatever the day may bring, you can face it with whatever you have at your disposal.

LI-15-04-2020Creative, authentic expression is a stress reliever as well as helping us boost our faith in ourselves. When we find a medium that works best for us, confidence rises. Physical forms of expression, such as dance, are just as valid as painting, sculpting, or even cooking. Allow yourself to enjoy what helps you to relax and restore your faith.


Focus on your sense of well-being and safety right now.

LI-16-04-2020As we come to the end of the reading, let’s look at the entire spread and review the key points presented.

Queen of Pentacles

What do you feel you need right now in order to better nurture yourself and those around you?

King of Pentacles

Do you know who are the rocks are in your life and are you being a rock for others in your life right now?

Ace of Cups

What method of emotional expression serves you best to mentally stimulate you?

The Fool

In what ways can you decrease your stress levels so that you have a greater sense of confidence in yourself and the world at this time?

The overall take away from this reading is to focus on your sense of well-being and safety right now.

You can’t control what anyone else is or isn’t doing, but you can fully control what you do so concentrate on that. Make it your mission to do what you need to be doing to stay healthy and safe.

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LI-17-04-2020Is this reading helpful to you? In light of what’s presented here, what are your intentions for the month ahead? What are you committed to doing?

Let me know in the comments below!


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