Lunar Intentions 2020 – May

According to folk-lore, the New Moon and waxing phases are fertile and wet. This is the best time to set intentions, start goals, and launch projects. Meanwhile the Full Moon and waning phases, the tide recedes and thus things dry up. So this is a good time to thin, weed out, and prune.

Another New Moon is upon us and now is the time to clarify our intentions and solidify our commitments for the lunar month ahead. With today’s reading we will explore the energies of the Four Pillars of Wellness and our current point in the Journey of Life. In doing so we can take the time to consider what we do and don’t want in our lives and set the appropriate intentions and goals towards what we desire.

Here is the spread for this New Moon’s reading.


Current Point on Life’s Path – The Hanged Man

Surrender to your current experience.

LI-01-05-2020The life path for this lunar cycle is the need to surrender to your current experience. Change cannot occur until one has fully accepted what is in the present moment. Recognize what you have the ability to influence then release the need to control anything else that remains. Permit life to unfold in whatever way it needs to before you.

Spiritual Needs – The Wheel of Fortune

Throughout your life you always have the opportunity to make choices for yourself.

LI-02-05-2020Even when you feel stuck by destiny, the threads of fate are yours to weave. Throughout your life you always have the opportunity to make choices for yourself.

LI-03-05-2020Although you can’t control everything in life, you always have the power to control yourself and how you respond to life. Seek out opportunities within the realm of your control.

Emotional Needs – Ace of Wands

Emotionally there is a need to take back your power.

LI-04-05-2020Emotionally there is a need to take back your power. To whom or what are you giving your power away? When you do this, it’s emotionally and energetically draining. 

Think of energy as the currency of life. It goes wherever your attention is. Hence why it’s called “paying attention,” because you’re giving it your energy and when you give it your energy, you give it power. Ideally, when you given something your power you should be getting something in return so make sure you are investing your energy wisely.

LI-05-05-2020One way to lose your personal power is focusing or, even worse, obsessing on the things you cannot control. By doing this you end up expending a great deal of energy that would be better served elsewhere. As a result, you end up stuck and drained.

LI-06-05-2020A key aspect to taking back your power is remembering that regardless of what fate may throw your way, you always have the opportunity to chose. Even inaction is a choice. Giving away your power to allow someone else to choose for you is a choice. Be mindful of the choices you make because in reality, it’s your choices that truly weaves the thread of your destiny rather than some whimsical entity.

Mental Needs – Nine of Pentacles

Mentally, there is a need for self-discipline.

LI-07-05-2020Mentally, there is a need for self-discipline. To overcome feelings and weaknesses to pursue what needs to be done regardless of any temptations to abandon it. Without this, goals would never be met.

LI-08-05-2020Anything beyond your control serves as a test, temptation, or distraction. It’s there to see if you’re really serious about your goals. The bigger the goal, and greater desire around that goal, then the bigger the test, temptation, or distraction will likely be.

LI-09-05-2020Remain on the look out for opportunities that will move you forward with your goals. The more you stay on task with them, the easier this will be. Basically what it amounts to is that opportunities only knocks on the doors you build so keep this in mind.

LI-10-05-2020Self-discipline requires the use of your personal power and agency. You’re not going to have that if your energy is being drained away by things not worthy of your time and energy. Again, be mindful and invest your resources wisely.

Physical Needs – The Empress

You need to be aware of your body and nurture it.

LI-11-05-2020You need to be aware of your body and nurture it. Are you eating well? Are you sleeping properly? Are you getting appropriate exercise? Are you taking care of your hygiene?

LI-12-05-2020Not letting go of things you need to causes stress, inflammation, and other physical symptoms you don’t need. Learning how to release these things is perhaps one of the most loving things you can do for yourself.

LI-13-05-2020It’s easier to see opportunities in your life when you are taking care of yourself. When you are feeling well, your stress levels are reduced and you are better able to cope with day to day life. This gives you greater clarity overall.

LI-14-05-2020It’s frightening how quickly self-care can go down the drain when we start giving away our power. Make self-care a priority in your life since it’s a key component to keeping your energy levels up.

LI-15-05-2020Sometimes self-care does require self-discipline. This is particularly true if these routines are new habits for you. However, in the long run developing them is worth the effort for your overall well-being.


Focus on what is best for you and your wellness right now.

LI-16-05-2020As we come to the end of the reading, let’s look at the entire spread and review the key points presented.

You are being asked to surrender to our current experience at this time.

You are reminded that you always have the opportunity to make choices for yourself.

You are being called upon to take back your personal power.

You are being tasked with exercising self-discipline at this time.

You are urged to nurture your body during this time as well.

The big take away message in this reading is to focus on what is best for you and your wellness right now.

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LI-17-05-2020Is this reading helpful to you? In light of what’s presented here, what are your intentions for the month ahead? What are you committed to doing?

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