Welter Quill 2020-May

Character 1

Deep Past Position: Five of Pentacles

  • This character has felt emptiness, lack, and a sense of being ostracized for some reason in their deep past.

Recent Past Position: The Priest

  • Because of this, they have done their best to fit in with the restrictions of the rigid traditions of their surrounding culture to make up for it.

Current Situation Position: Five of Wands

  • Despite their efforts, they still find themselves challenged by their circumstances and feel agitated by it, wishing to find another way.

Character 2

Deep Past Position: Three of Cups

  • This character has always been surrounded by good friends and good times in their childhood.

Recent Past Position: Ace of Swords

  • In their recent past, they were suddenly faced with the cold, hard truth of the world.

Current Situation Position: Strength

  • Dissatisfied with the way things are, this person must find their inner strength to make the changes they need.


Conflict Position: The Priestess

  • Both of these characters must learn how to overcome doubt and trust in themselves and their intuition.

Your task is to write a story exploring these two characters and the conflict between them. Good luck!

~ Mystic Faerie Tarot by Linda Ravenscroft (Illustrator), Barbara Moore (Author) © 2015
~ Credit for 3D model and assets used in this rendered image can be found here.

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