Lunar Intentions 2020 – June

According to folk-lore, the New Moon and waxing phases are fertile and wet. This is the best time to set intentions, start goals, and launch projects. Meanwhile the Full Moon and waning phases, the tide recedes and thus things dry up. So this is a good time to thin, weed out, and prune.

Another New Moon is upon us and now is the time to clarify our intentions and solidify our commitments for the lunar month ahead. With today’s reading we will explore the energies of the Four Pillars of Wellness and our current point in the Journey of Life. In doing so we can take the time to consider what we do and don’t want in our lives and set the appropriate intentions and goals towards what we desire.

Here is the spread for this New Moon’s reading.


Current Point on Life’s Path – King of Cups

You have control over how you respond to the events that unfold around you.

LI-01-06-2020The King of Cups indicates a desire for a state of calm in your life at this time. There has been a great deal of chaos and stress around the world thanks to the Covid-19 crisis. While the unfolding of events have been unavoidable, you still have control over how you choose to respond to them.

Can can choose to allow your emotions to rule over you, or you can choose to treat them as the messengers they are and take conscious action to address them.

Spiritual Needs – Knave of Cups

There is a spiritual need to increase your emotional intelligence in order to improve your connection with yourself and with others.

LI-02-06-2020The soul communicates to you through the heart and it’s the job of the mind to understand it. Emotional intelligence is the measurement of that level of understanding.

We connect to ourselves and others through our hearts and again, it is the job of the mind to understand. And again, it is emotional intelligence that measures this level of understanding.

Pages represent the students or children of the court since they are those that learn through exploration. Cups represent the heart space and emotional flow.

The Page of Cups indicates here there is a spiritual need to increase your emotional intelligence in order to improve your connection with yourself and with others. This means you need to be willing to be open to emotions, sit with them, and explore them. Allow them to flow in order to understand them.

LI-03-06-2020Closing off our hearts to emotion, especially our own, is a state of resistance. Resistance creates friction and stress. In other words, resistance prevents you from being in a state of calm.

Emotional Needs – Three of Swords

Unhealed wounds have a way of holding us back when we really want to move forward because they tend to create limiting beliefs.

LI-04-06-2020The Three of Swords here points to a need to heal any pain you may still have at this time. Unhealed wounds have a way of holding us back when we really want to move forward because they tend to create limiting beliefs.

Now is a good time to address those limiting beliefs and flip the script on them. Take the time to meditate and dig deep within to get at the root of the beliefs you hold so you can let go of what no longer serves your highest good.

LI-05-06-2020Unhealed wounds that have created limited beliefs typically don’t heal on their own over time. Instead they remain in our subconscious loop as we continue to resist facing them, halting the process. This doesn’t bring peace or calm into our lives.

If you want that true state of calm, then you will need to have the courage to do the healing work.

LI-06-06-2020Unhealed wounds remain unhealed when the emotions involved with them remain unprocessed. It’s critical to allow yourself to name those emotions, claim them, sit with them, explore them, and permit them to flow. Address whatever self-care you need as well in response to those emotions. Give yourself the entire package with this.

Mental Needs – Three of Wands

Assess this phase of your life.

LI-07-06-2020The Three of Wands calls you to assess this phase of your life. What is your current situation? What exactly is it you desire at this time? What’s in your control versus what’s not in your control? What’s available to you right now? How do you wish to proceed?

LI-08-06-2020To achieve a calmer life experience, you need to determine in which areas you need to shift yourself. How do you rise above or let go of drama? Are there people in your life that you need to simply say good bye to? Are there better ways of organizing yourself? How else can you eliminate, reduce, or mitigate stress levels? How can you improve your coping skills for handling stress when it occurs?

LI-09-06-2020As you are assessing your life right now, pay very close attention to whatever emotions that come up. Since emotions serve as messengers and signals within the body, they will let you know what is and isn’t working for you. Permit this to help you to figure out what needs to change as you decide how to move forward at this time.

LI-10-06-2020Assess your wounds and limited beliefs. Ask yourself what is the best way for you to heal and rise above it. Do you think you need help from someone like a life coach or therapist? Then make an appointment. Examine your core beliefs. Ask yourself if they align with your values to determine if they are still serving your highest good. If not, how can you re-script these beliefs into something that better serves you? Again, do you need help from someone? Make that appointment.

Release yourself from whatever is holding you back.

Physical Needs – Four of Wands

Physically, you need solid functional routines in order to feel well overall.

LI-11-06-2020The Four of Wands is the card that represents rapport, rituals, and celebrations. The body is the physical vessel for everything else about you, so if it’s not doing well the rest of you won’t be doing as well as it can either. 

Physically, you need solid functional routines in order to feel well overall. If your routines are dysfunctional, your immune system, executive function, ability to cope, and capacity to connect with yourself and others will tank. You won’t feel like celebrating much of anything in your life.

Examine your diet, your sleep, your hygiene, and your physical activity and compare it to how you are feeling right now. Do changes need to be made? What changes need to be made? Do you need to see your primary care provider to address something?

LI-12-06-2020It’s hard to feel calm when you feel physically miserable. Make self-care a core priority in your life so that you can achieve a better overall sense of well-being. Self-care isn’t pampering or a luxuries. It’s taking care of the gritty basics that you need to have done for your wellness.

LI-13-06-2020To understand what I’m seeing with these two cards, allow me to explain the science behind the cycle that occurs with emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

First, we receive a stimulus. This stimulus can either be external or internal. If the stimulus is deemed important by the brain, it is processed and interpreted by the pattern recognition system of the subconscious mind. It then triggers a signal, an emotion. The emotion generates a thought based upon the scripted programming looping around in the subconscious. This thought seeds behavior. Behavior creates a reaction, generating a new stimulus. The new stimulus either reinforces the loop or breaks the loop. Either way, the new stimulus relaunches the cycle.

This entire cycle runs on autopilot UNLESS we are being mindful and are being actively aware of how we are feeling and thinking before we act.

Each loop we have running in our subconscious is a belief set. For example: it’s not safe to play in traffic. That’s a belief set and it includes the why and what to do about it. By the time you’re an adult, you don’t actively think about it anymore. You take this belief set for granted and operate on it automatically.

We all have many loops like this. Ranging from our health, to how we handle money, to how we work, to our relationships with others, to even about ourselves as a person.

Practice the art of mindfulness and pay very close attention to how you feel as you go about your routines throughout the day. What makes you feel good, energized, in the flow, or expanded? What makes you feel the opposite of those things? What can you do with your routines to shift into a better emotional state every day?

LI-14-06-2020Pain in the body is a clear signal that something is wrong. All pain medication does is mask the symptom. It numbs the signal. It doesn’t address the source cause of the pain. It took me many years to convince people that I didn’t want painkillers. I wanted the cause of my pain addressed.

Funny thing, the more I work on and heal my trauma, the less often I have migraines. The better my diet and sleep is, the less often and less severe my migraines are as well. And that I have finally gotten my EDS-Hypermobility under a care plan, the pain in my joints have lessened and my migraines have lessened even more. I have had to relearn how to move my body in order to reduce my pain.

Is this the solution for everyone with migraines or joint pain? Probably not, unfortunately. The point I am trying to make here is to seek for the source cause and get it addressed. Don’t let care providers slap the equivalent of a band-aid on your issue(s) and send you home. That pain exists for a reason, so don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself within the medical arena to get the proper care and information you need to achieve the level of wellness you desire.

LI-15-06-2020Everyone desires a life worth living and celebrating. What few stop to consider is how our lives are constructed by the routines we follow day to day. Seriously assess your routines as ask yourself if they support the life you desire. Do they help or hinder your ability to move forward? Are they opening or closing the ability to celebrate?

I know I say this often in my posts, but this bears saying again: celebrating isn’t just for the big events in your life. Celebration is also meant for the little things too. The little things not only add up, but they are the foundation and meaning of our lives. If they aren’t worth living, then what do you have?


Remember that you have the means to forge the life you desire, provided that you ask the right questions and be mindful of the answers you receive.

LI-16-06-2020As we come to the end of the reading, let’s look at the entire spread and review the key points presented.

King of Cups

Ask yourself what do you need to do to achieve a calmer lifestyle at this time.

Page of Cups

Ask yourself how you can shift yourself into a more mindful state regarding emotions.

Three of Swords

Ask yourself what is the best way to release pain from old wounds in order to move forward.

Three of Wands

Assess your current situation for what is and isn’t working and ask yourself what needs adjustment.

Four of Wands

Ask yourself if your current routines support the life you desire at this time and if not, how can you change them so they will.

Remember that you have the means to forge the life you desire, provided that you ask the right questions and be mindful of the answers you receive.

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LI-17-06-2020Is this reading helpful to you? In light of what’s presented here, what are your intentions for the month ahead? What are you committed to doing?

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