Changes to the Blog to Fit My Life Better

Usually around the time school starts I start making plans for next year as what I’d like the blog to look like and start writing and scheduling posts for according to that plan.

This year there hasn’t been a plan for next year yet because I’m behind. I haven’t even written the Chaos Rally post that was supposed to go up today. It’s still in draft form with just the template skeleton and the image renders plugged into it. My life has been that unexpectedly busy this year, and that’s what leads me to writing this post.

I’ve been putting in a lot of thought as to what the Chaos Rally is and what I’d like it to be. It originally started out as a fun, inspirational music sharing post. It’s evolved since then and the Chaos Wave series picked up the music part of that, which I don’t regret. I like the idea of being inspired and challenged to improve myself in some area of my life. However, I’m finding that doing the rally once a week is too often. I ran this by my therapist and confirmed that it does take on average 28 days to make or break a habit and 90 days to set a lifestyle. So my feeling is that the Chaos Rally would be best served if it ran on a 90 day schedule.

This gives me, and anyone else wishing to join me, enough time to work on whatever the inspired self-improvement challenge is without feeling rushed. It also gives me more room to work on other projects, namely things with my boys at home along with the writing projects I have in mind. So starting January 1, 2021 the new 90 day cycle Chaos Rally series will launch.

This also means that I will be dropping the Lunar Intention readings, since somehow when doing them for my blog they ended up feeling too similar to the Chaos Rally readings. That, or they didn’t blossom into their own thing the way the Chaos Rally had.

Now, as customary, when I remove something I replace it with something new so that the blog isn’t left with a gaping hole of missing content. I would like to shift the Welter Quill content from my Patreon to the blog. For one I’m still trying to figure out the Patreon platform and two, I don’t feel that content is a good fit for it.

As it is, I think the Welter Quill content may be changed entirely to fit the style and needs of the blog better. Instead of a monthly two character conflict writing prompt, I’m thinking a weekly keyword character or setting multi card spread prompt might be better suited. Still undecided how I will run this. I could either alternate the prompts, or run this twice a week so there’s a character sketch and setting sketch prompt once a week. Either way, the idea here is to use them as prep for the Chaos Pen Challenge.

The idea is to move away from the Seventh Sanctum, not that it’s a bad site. Links to it will still be provided. It’s just that I would like to create and provide more of my own style of writing prompts here on the blog for those that are following.

Having said that, I’m considering providing the NaNo Bites daily year round, or something like it off season, with my own set of challenges instead of using the ones from the Seventh Sanctum. Again, it’s the desire to create and provide my own style of writing prompts here on the blog. And of course, I’d like to bring those new challenges I come up with to the Chaos Pen Challenge.

Finally, I’d like to start sharing my fiction on my Patreon for those that subscribe. Out of everything that I could possibly provide in terms of value, I think this is the best suited for that platform. For now, I plan to post just one short story a month.

These are the plans I have in mind, and of course I’m sure life will throw curve balls my way, but for now I have high hopes.

If you enjoyed this post, or have some thoughts about it, please let me know!

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