Lunar Intentions 2020 – December

According to folk-lore, the New Moon and waxing phases are fertile and wet. This is the best time to set intentions, start goals, and launch projects. Meanwhile the Full Moon and waning phases, the tide recedes and thus things dry up. So this is a good time to thin, weed out, and prune.

Another New Moon is upon us and now is the time to clarify our intentions and solidify our commitments for the lunar month ahead. With today’s reading we will explore the energies of the Four Pillars of Wellness and our current point in the Journey of Life. In doing so we can take the time to consider what we do and don’t want in our lives and set the appropriate intentions and goals towards what we desire.

Here is the spread for this New Moon’s reading.

The first thing that comes to my attention with this spread is how dominated by Major Arcana cards it is this time around. This suggests strong key energetic shifts at this time.

Current Point on Life’s Path – The Emperor

What is it that you desire to be working towards or building in your life at this time?

The Emperor in many ways represents the Master Builder in us all. And what better time to prepare ourselves for the next grand project in our lives than in December when the new year is just around the corner? What is it that you desire to be working towards or building in your life at this time? Is there an unfinished project that you’d like to refine and complete? That’s okay too.

Spiritual Needs – The Lovers

Assess the personal beliefs and values you operate on.

Assess the personal beliefs and values you operate on. Ask yourself where they come from and determine whether any of this serves your highest good. If not, how can you re-script them in such a way that they do serve you better?

Do your goals and values align with each other? Do your belief sets tend to self-sabotage your goals? If you’re not achieving what it is you truly desire, perhaps it’s time to dig deep into this to see why.

Emotional Needs – Death

Prune away what isn’t making you happy in your life.

It’s time to prune away whatever isn’t making you happy to make room for the things that do in your life. Happiness can’t grow if it’s being choked out by fear and misery. A garden full of weeds doesn’t bloom.

In urban planning, sometimes it’s necessary to tear down and clear out old, decrepit buildings in order to construct newer, and safer, buildings. When it comes to shaping our lives into what we desire, a similar process is required. If we don’t, we end up with the emotional equivalent of these old, decrepit buildings with room left to grow and develop.

So how to you determine what is old and decrepit, and in need to clearing out? That depends somewhat upon your beliefs and values, but it really boils down to what is serving your highest good. Does it uplift and support you? Or does it drag you down and drain you? Base your decision on which of these two categories it falls in.

Mental Needs – Four of Coins

By controlling what you do with the resources you have, you can be certain that they are available to you when you need them.

The need for certainty and thus control shows up again this year. There is very little you can control externally, so the focus here is your own behavior and resources. This is where boundaries and self-discipline comes into play.

By controlling what you do with the resources you have, you can be certain that they are available to you when you need them.

It is incredibly challenging to build the life you desire if you allow others to dictate how you allocate your resources. This is especially true when it comes to your time, attention, and energy. Clear boundaries and solid self-discipline are vital with these resources.

What are your beliefs and what do you value? Shape your boundaries around these to make it easier for you to stand firm with them. You can’t hold a boundary you don’t believe in or value.

The Death card in many ways is about transformation. One of the biggest ways to achieve that is changing the way you manage your resources.

Physical Needs – The Chariot

There is a need for self-control here in the physical realm.

There is a need for self-control here in the physical realm. The Chariot is pulled by opposing forces and requires those forces to be brought into alignment in order for it to move in a straight line without tipping over.

Where are you over-indulging? Where are you complacent? What are you neglecting? What are you over-doing? What needs to be brought back into balance?

Look at the life you are building and compare it to the life you are living. Ask yourself how you can bring this life closer into alignment to the one you are building.

Examine how you are living and ask yourself how you can bring it closer into alignment with the values and beliefs you hold. The closer in alignment these two are, the better you will feel about yourself.

When everything within you is in alignment, you experience rapid forward movement. Aligning yourself like this requires removing anything that isn’t you from your life. This brings about tremendous transformation. It’s unavoidable change and does feel a bit scary sometimes.

Again, I can’t stress this enough, the only real control we have in life is the control we have over ourselves. And this comes in the form of boundaries and self-discipline. We have to make sure we are in alignment with ourselves. In doing so, we prevent a great deal of self-sabotage and self-abandonment.


Self-alignment is required to build the life you desire.

As we come to the end of the reading, let’s look at the entire spread and review the key points presented.

The Emperor

Ask yourself what is the life you want to be building right now.

The Lovers

What are your beliefs and values? Do they still serve your highest good?


What is no longer serving your highest good that needs to be pruned away from your life at this time?

Four of Coins

When it comes to your resources, are your boundaries and self-discipline in good order? If not, how can you realign yourself to serve your highest good?

The Chariot

Is everything in alignment within yourself that self-control is in place? If not, what do you need to do to realign yourself?

Self-alignment is required to build the life you desire.

Without it, self-sabotaging, self-doubt, and self-abandonment sets it. It becomes too easy at that point to set yourself up for failure at that point. When you are self-aligned, it is easier to believe in and trust in yourself to keep going even during the challenging times.

Talk to Me

Is this reading helpful to you? In light of what’s presented here, what are your intentions for the month ahead? What are you committed to doing?

Let me know in the comments below!

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