Welter Quill 2020-December

This is the last post for this version of the Welter Quill series. Starting next year this series will be a weekly poetry prompt and the new Chaos Cast series becoming the new character creation prompt series on the blog.

Character 1

Deep Past Position: Queen of Swords

  • This character grew up perceptive with wit and a dry sense of humor as a child.

Recent Past Position: The Hermit

  • Instead of going the traditional route of college, this person traveled the world on their own for a short time to discover themselves.

Current Situation Position: King of Swords

  • They now have an impartial view of the world and way of thinking about things, with a focus on seeking the truth in the middle of every story.

Character 2

Deep Past Position: Ace of Swords

  • This character grew up gifted with intelligence, but was honest to a fault.

Recent Past Position: The Moon

  • As they reached adulthood, they were forced to face a major fear. It’s possible that this event caused a breakdown.

Current Situation Position: Ten of Swords

  • The recent events of facing their fear has left them exhausted and ready to move on towards something better and brighter in life.


Conflict Position: Page of Swords

In order to reach their goals, both characters must be resolved to behave ethically in matters. What is it they are facing that would tempt either one of them to do otherwise?

Your task is to write a story exploring these two characters and the conflict between them. Good luck!

~ Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway (Author), Lisa Hunt (Illustrator) © 1999
~ Credit for 3D model and assets used in this rendered image can be found here.

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