Thank You Everyone

I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for everyone that comes here and visits the blog – old and new alike.

Since the first of January, the number of people that have been following through WordPress, email, Twitter, and Facebook has reached over 1,000. That’s pretty significant for someone like me who got their start croaking in the dark back on Geocities so many years ago. I’m still in the process of manually transferring posts from LiveJournal after my migration from there.

A lot has changed and yet, in many ways, a lot has remained the same.

Thank you, the community here has meant so much to me. Many of you were here during one of my darkest periods of time. Your support while I was trying to sort out my thoughts and feelings on all that is everything to me. It really is. And it’s my hope that I can do the same for others in some way.

So thank you. All of you.

And I also want to give a special thanks to Marshall Nash, my newest sponsor over on Patreon. It makes me feel good to know that my creative work has value and I will continue to work hard to live up to that. So again, thank you.

If you enjoyed this post, or have some thoughts about it, please let me know!

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