Thank You for Exploring Music with Tarot with Me

Exploration of music as lessons for each tarot card has come to an end for Saturdays.

The first post for this series was on October 04, 2019. It’s been a long journey, but unlike when I began my Chaos Wave Series, I knew what I was getting into this time.

I hope you have enjoyed this series and have found it as useful as I have in exploring your emotions. I also hope that the writing prompts provided improved the context and meaning of the tarot cards for you.

If you have followed this series throughout its entirety, you have my deepest gratitude. By now you have your own full set of additional keywords for both personal use and with the tarot.

It is my intent to continue to run this musical tarot themed series, but as a randomized card draw each post with music to share, but for now I will close this post with a table with my collection of keywords for this run.

Again, thank you so much for participating!


Table of My Emotional Keywords

Ace of CupsDevoted
Two of CupsForgiving
Three of CupsPleasure
Four of CupsIndifference
Five of CupsDisappointed
Six of CupsCarefree
Seven of CupsDelusional
Eight of CupsDejected
Nine of CupsGratitude
Ten of CupsCongruity
Page of CupsSensible
Knight of CupsArtistic
Queen of CupsKindness
King of CupsGrace
Ace of WandsIllumination
Two of WandsConquest
Three of WandsNobility
Four of WandsPerfection
Five of WandsStruggle
Six of WandsTriumph
Seven of WandsHardships
Eight of WandsProgress
Nine of WandsRealization
Ten of WandsPressure
Page of WandsDominant
Knight of WandsRestless
Queen of WandsIndependence
King of WandsIntolerant
Ace of PentaclesChance
Two of PentaclesGrowth
Three of PentaclesManifestation
Four of PentaclesWealth
Five of PentaclesHindrance
Six of PentaclesPresumption
Seven of PentaclesWaiting
Eight of PentaclesPrudence
Nine of PentaclesExploitation
Ten of PentaclesGreed
Page of PentaclesWasteful
Knight of PentaclesUnwavering
Queen of PentaclesMoody
King of PentaclesBoring
Ace of SwordsColdness
Two of SwordsStalemate
Three of SwordsDowncast
Four of SwordsIsolation
Five of SwordsLimitations
Six of SwordsDistrust
Seven of SwordsIllusion
Eight of SwordsBrooding
Nine of SwordsDespair
Ten of SwordsSeparation
Page of SwordsSpiteful
Knight of SwordsUnreliable
Queen of SwordsCruel
King of SwordsAmbiguity
The FoolChildlike
The MagicianEgo
The High PriestessDoubt
The EmpressLaziness
The EmperorApathy
The HierophantRigid
The LoversRepression
The ChariotInsensitive
The HermitBitterness
Wheel of FortuneFatalism
The Hanged ManStagnate
The DevilWillfulness
The TowerHolocaust
The StarDisheartened
The MoonHysteria
The SunHoax
The WorldDissociation

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