Self-Care with Queen of Swords

Welcome to Self-Care with tarot! Each week we will go over one tarot card and explore how it can be used to inspire a self-care activity for the week. This week is the Queen of Swords.

Introduction and Meaning of the Card


If you haven’t already, you can explore the basic meaning of this card here, from my Exploring Tarot series, and you can explore the emotional meaning here, from my Emotional Tarot series.

With that said, in the context of self-care, I take this card to mean to practice candid communication with others.

My Suggested Self-Care Activity for the Week

Based on the meaning of this card, the activity I would suggest to try doing each day until next Wednesday is to practice candid communication with your loved ones. To be candid means to be honest and straightforward.

Know the difference between Ask Culture and Guess Culture and learn how to navigate between the two. Those that have grown up in a Guess Culture tend to find requests from Ask Culture to be pressuring without realizing they are truly free to say no. Meanwhile, what isn’t often mentioned in articles, is those that have grown up in Ask Culture not only tend to find Guess Culture confusing, but they can also feel manipulated by it since too much of it is unspoken. Two people from two different Guess Cultures can also run amok due to the unspoken nature in which it functions.

Some countries are entirely one or the other type of culture. The United States, however, possesses a broad spectrum even within one town. It varies from one family to the next. It’s even possible for one family to observe a mix of the two cultures. This is why I believe consent is such a hot topic within our country. It’s not black and white as much as we’d like it to be because our country isn’t solely an Ask Culture. Do I think it needs to be? Yes, but it will only work that way once we all shift into an Ask Culture mindset.

Yes, I grew up in a household that blended these two cultures. As I get older, I shift more and more into the Ask Culture. There is less ambiguity. Less misunderstandings. Less confusion. I much rather receive a hard no and move on to the next thing than to be stuck with a soft maybe or someday.

Ask Culture moves. Guess Culture sits around. Sure, I might get ten people telling me no but that eleventh person just might say yes. That’s the power of Ask Culture. Guess Culture? In the same amount of time, I still don’t have a clear answer from the first person I asked.

Do You have any Self-Care Activity Ideas to Suggest?

Based on the theme of this card, do you have any additional ideas for self-care activities to suggest? I would love to hear them in the comments below!

~ Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti (Illustrator and Author) © 2009
~ Credit for 3D model and assets used in this rendered image can be found here.

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