Thank You for Exploring Character with Tarot with Me

Exploration of music as lessons for each tarot card has come to an end for Thursdays.

The first post for this series was on January 29, 2020. It’s been a long journey, hasn’t it?

I hope you have enjoyed this series and have found it as useful as I have in exploring character traits and associated jobs. I also hope that the writing prompts provided improved the context and meaning of the tarot cards for you.

If you have followed this series throughout its entirety, you have my deepest gratitude. By now you have your own full set of additional keywords for both personal use and with the tarot.

As I am writing this, I don’t know just yet what’s next in store for the blog. Stay tuned for future updates.

Again, thank you so much for participating!


Table of My Emotional Keywords

Ace of CupsEmotional
Two of CupsCooperative
Three of CupsMerry
Four of CupsDispirited
Five of CupsPlaintive
Six of CupsInnocent
Seven of CupsDreamer
Eight of CupsSurvivor
Nine of CupsAppreciative
Ten of CupsAgreeable
Page of CupsEmpathetic
Knight of CupsRomantic
Queen of CupsTenderhearted
King of CupsTolerant
Ace of WandsCourageous
Two of WandsPlanner
Three of WandsLeader
Four of WandsNeighborly
Five of WandsEdgy
Six of WandsGallant
Seven of WandsProtective
Eight of WandsHeadstrong
Nine of WandsUndaunted
Ten of WandsTired
Page of WandsConfident
Knight of WandsCharming
Queen of WandsSocial Networker
King of WandsVisionary
Ace of PentaclesLavish
Two of PentaclesFun
Three of PentaclesCraftsman
Four of PentaclesControlling
Five of PentaclesOstracized
Six of PentaclesProfessional
Seven of PentaclesAccountable
Eight of PentaclesStudious
Nine of PentaclesRefined
Ten of PentaclesRespectable
Page of PentaclesPractical
Knight of PentaclesDedicated
Queen of PentaclesGrounded
King of PentaclesPatient
Ace of SwordsHonest
Two of SwordsContemplative
Three of SwordsResolute
Four of SwordsTranquil
Five of SwordsDiscordant
Six of SwordsTraveler
Seven of SwordsAloof
Eight of SwordsAimless
Nine of SwordsAnxious
Ten of SwordsMartyr
Page of SwordsEthical
Knight of SwordsDirect
Queen of SwordsPerceptive
King of SwordsImpartial
The FoolFree-Spirited
The MagicianWillful
The High PriestessMysterious
The EmpressNurturing
The EmperorAuthoritative
The HierophantTraditional
The LoversDeliberator
The ChariotAmbitious
The HermitLoner
Wheel of FortuneOpportunist
The Hanged ManSpiritual
The DevilAddicted
The TowerRevolutionary
The StarCharitable
The MoonTimid
The SunEnthusiastic
The WorldMediator

If you enjoyed this post, or have some thoughts about it, please let me know!

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