Tarot Readings for Problem Solving

My readings at Tode’s Tarot are focused on assisting with problem solving.

At $3 per card, my spreads can be used to help you look at your situation in a clear light and find options to address it.

You can order one from me in PDF format that features the same style of digital renders as seen on my blog!

To order a reading, please visit my Etsy Shop.

Please be sure to read the following Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before making an order.

Disclosure Statement: A tarot professional cannot predict the future with certainty and you should not rely on a tarot reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition. If your inquiry involves the law, finance, or medicine, then you should seek the advice of a licensed or qualified legal, financial, or medical professional. Also, a tarot reading cannot replace qualified mental health care. A tarot reading can only facilitate how you cope spiritually with a given situation. In certain jurisdictions, a tarot professional is required to disclose to you that tarot readings should be for entertainment purposes only, and if such a law applies to your reading, then you are hereby on notice thereof. Your tarot professional is bound by a self-imposed code of ethics, which can be viewed here.

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