Birthday Year Reading 2021-2022

I didn’t finish the reading for last year and so I thought I ought to get around doing it for myself this birthday year. I also feel it’s a good way to demonstrate how a reading like this one can be done. Having three different decks for this makes it possible to look at all the cards at the same time, but it can still be done with just one deck and a journal.

This reading covers the year from one birthday to the next and the intent is to discuss various areas of growth and development. So we’ll start by looking at the three significator cards, then the three challenge cards, and finally the four life message cards.

First Operation Method

The following cards were pulled from the Celtic Dragon Tarot deck based upon the calculations described below.

Significator Cards

Disruptive Change, Constant Motion, Balance the Mind and Heart

These first three cards are based upon your birth date and together represent the core of your identity. Throughout the reading, they will illuminate various aspects of yourself.

1: Personality Card – The Tower

MM + DD + Birth Year = ?? (reduce result to a 2 digit number)


Disruptive Change

This card represents how you tend to respond to the world around you as well as how others are likely to perceive you. Based upon your birth date, the card assigned to you is the Tower.

Right or wrong, for better or worse, you are the disruptive force in your life. You’re not afraid to question, break down, and clear away the status quo. You understand that it requires breaking a few eggs to make an omelet so to speak.

The challenge you face is that not everyone around you welcomes or appreciates your disruption. Not even you are willing to accept and embrace change all of the time. When the urge for change arises, focus on what you can change rather than others.

2: Soul Card – The Chariot

Take the number of the Personality Card and… P + P = ?? (single digit Personality Card numbers result in the same Soul Card)


Constant Motion

This card represents your inner drive and motivation. It shows the core of what makes you tick deep inside. Based upon your birth date, the card assigned to you is the Chariot.

If nothing else, internally you’re in constant motion. The trick here is getting all those energies to align into one direction. When you’re able to do that, you’re an unstoppable force. When you’re not, everything is a mess inside.

Life is about the evolution of the soul. Constant growth. So give yourself some grace as you pull through your day to day life.

Practice Meditation

Perhaps the biggest factor that plays into being disruptive is you having all these energies within you. They come in the form of thoughts and emotions, which in turn drives behavior. It can be overwhelming just trying to manage it all. So maybe you find yourself spewing words like water from a broken faucet.

Be mindful of this. Meditation allows you the opportunity to practice redirecting those thoughts and emotions into one direction. As you improve upon this skill, you’ll find it easier to be less disruptive in your life.

3: Sun Card – Queen of Swords

Determine the decant court card here:

Balance the Mind and Heart

This card represents your inner light and it’s what makes you unique as a person. Since the Queen of Swords houses the Sun in your decant at the time of your birth, this is the card assigned to you.

You have the ability to balance the mind with the heart. You understand that just as emotion is not the absolute truth, the same is true for logic. Our thoughts are driven by our emotions, which in turn directs our emotions. The cycle drives our action.

The key here is to not become overly reliant upon one over the other. Balance between the two is needed to see clearly.

Focus on Your Goals

Ask yourself regularly what it is you truly desire in your life. Get really clear on your goals that will help you achieve that. When you do it becomes easier to focus all those energies on a singular thing. Doing so will make a big difference in creating the change you need with the least amount of disruption.

Second Operation Method

The following cards were pulled from the Panda Tarot based upon the calculations described below.

Life Challenge Cards

Align Actions with Intentions, Clear the Clutter in Your Life, Find and Cultivate Your Passions

These next three cards are also based upon your birth date and together represent the core developmental needs of your personal growth for this year’s cycle. Throughout the reading, they will illuminate various aspects of how this growth will occur.

4: Growth Card – The Chariot

MM + DD + Ordered Year = ?? (reduce result to a 2 digit number)


Align Actions with Intentions

This card represents how you need to grow during this year’s cycle. Based upon your birth date, the card assigned to you is the Chariot.

It’s time to really focus on what it is you truly want and make sure it’s aligned with your intentions to ensure your goals will get you where you want to be. Less focus on how it unfolds and more focus on what you’re doing. The biggest question for you this year is, “Are my actions aligning with my intentions?”

You can’t become or achieve something without living and breathing it.

Be the Agent of Change

Changes in life are unavoidable, but you have a choice. You can either allow life to change you or you can become the agent of change in your life. This is where knowing what you truly desire is critical. When you know what you want, you are able to move in the direction you need towards that.

Practice Brain Dumping

If your behavior is not in alignment with your intentions, you’re not going to get anywhere. Start the practice of brain dumping each night before you go to sleep in order to gain better clarity of what you’re trying to achieve.

Determine your goals. Set your intentions. Prioritize your to-do list based upon your intentions and goals. The following morning, focus on the most important and urgent task on your list first.

The most important thing here is to focus and center this upon what you need to be doing. You have enough on your plate to deal with, so don’t allow yourself to be distracted by what others are doing on not doing.

This is your year to move forward if you master this.

Trust Yourself

Trust yourself. Do what is right for you by paying attention to the balance of your mind and heart. No one else has to walk in your shoes, so choose a path that fits you best. Adjust your path as often as needed.

Balance and Focus Your Self

This year focus on getting your self balanced to pave the way to aligning your intentions with your behavior to create the desired change in your life. If you’re all over the place inside, your life is going to reflect that on the outside.

5: Mentor Card – The Tower

Growth Card # + 9 (The Hermit Card Numeric Value) = ?? (reduce to 2 number)


Clear the Clutter in Your Life

This card represents this year’s teaching spirit for you. Based upon your birth date, the card assigned to you is the Tower.

Sometimes life needs to fall apart in order for it truly come together. Whatever isn’t working in your life right now needs to break and fall away. Is it uplifting you or moving you forward? If not, release it.

Until you do this, the internal clutter will build up and spill out into all areas of your life.

Clear the Path Forward

The first step in moving forward is to clear the path ahead. Get rid of or move around whatever stands in your way. Ask yourself what is blocking you at this time. Can you change it? If not, what do you need to be doing to mitigate it?

Change in Life is Unavoidable

It was said before, but it’s coming up again here. Change in life is unavoidable. Be the agent of change or be changed. You get to decide. You can just let it happen or you can choose the direction you go.

Master Focus

Evolving as an individual requires constant change. The more you are able to align and focus the energies within you, the more you will be able to direct the change to where you want to go. As you master this skill, the less disruption you create in your life.

Make Peace with Change

You can’t control what others do or don’t do. That’s not where your power sits. You do have the ability to makes changes within you to balance your heart and mind. This will mean certain things will fall away from you as you become more balanced within yourself. Learn how to make peace with this.

Align Yourself with What is Best for You

The best way for you to navigate all the changes coming into your life this year is to trust in yourself. Only you know what’s best for you so align yourself with that.

6: Compass Card – Strength

Growth Card # + 17 (The Star Card Numeric Value) = ?? (reduce to 2 number)


Find and Cultivate Your Passions

This card represents this year’s guiding spirit for you. Based upon your birth date, the card assigned to you is Strength.

We’re looking at the grand actions of the soul here with this card. Your soul shines through your passions. What are you passionate about? What uplifts you? What sparks a light or fire within you? What brings joy? These are the things that you need to be seeking and cultivating in your life right now.

Focus on Self Control

Both of these cards represent aspects of control. The primary focus of control this year needs to be on yourself. Someone keeps crossing your boundaries? Instead of wrestling with them to change, move your self away from them. You have the power to move in whatever direction you desire. You are able to mitigate what happens in your life.

Provide Grace and Compassion

Have and provide grace and compassion for yourself and others through the inevitable changes in your life. It’s common to feel like the world is coming to an end when change occurs – especially if the change is undesired.

Embrace Change to Move Forward

When change comes, you can choose to either embrace it or struggle against it. Struggling will slow or halt your forward movement. The first step in change is accepting what is before you can move forward on your path. Once you’ve accepted change, you can determine which direction you need to go.

Baby Steps are still Steps Forward

Again, the need for grace and compassion comes up here. Even desired change can feel scary. The process of enduring this change can feel clumsy, overwhelming, and exhausting. Baby steps forward are still steps forward.

Others are Available to Help

The image for the Chariot in the Celtic Dragon deck depicts movement of others. In the Panda Tarot deck, it depicts someone struggling against being eaten. These two cards together serve as a reminder that when you need help, others in your life are available. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need when you need it.

Stand by What’s Best for You

Remember your strength, even when you don’t feel it. You know what is best for you, so stand by it. There will be times this year where you will need to push for what you need. There will be times where you will need to hold your ground with your boundaries. Don’t be afraid to speak from both your heart and mind.

Those that Remain in Your Circle are the Ones Willing to Uphold You

Even if your tribe and community is changing, you still have others to draw strength from when needed. Those that remain in your circle are the ones that understand, support, and respect your goals and boundaries. Don’t try to keep people in your inner circle if they don’t want to be there or aren’t able to be there. Let them fall away to make room for those willing and able to uphold you.

Review of the Significator and Life Challenge Cards

You Decide the Direction You Go in Response to the Change

So here’s all the cards together so far. Change, change, and more change. BUT you have the strength and power to choose where you go with that change. You can decide the direction you need to go in response to the change.

Third Operation Method

The remaining cards from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot were shuffled and selected randomly for the rest of this reading.

Life Message Cards

Make Your Home a Sanctuary, Transitions are Coming,

The next four cards in this spread are the life messages for you in the four areas of your life: Home, Work, Social, Health. Each message covers what to keep in mind throughout the year in terms of your significator and challenge cards.

7: Home Life Message Card – Two of Cups

Make Your Home a Sanctuary

This card represents what you need to know about your home life for this year’s cycle. The card that came up for you is the Two of Cups.

You’re being called to focus on bonding, connecting, and unifying with those in your home. What brings a sense of peace, harmony, and joy to you and your family? Start doing more of that. This is a great opportunity for healing and restoring. Make your home a sanctuary from the rest of the world.

A Solid Foundation makes Change Easier

You have no control over the tides of change. Whether these changes are in the world around you, or from your family members. However, making your home a place of rest and peace provides a solid foundation for everyone to launch from. Having that solid foundation makes it easier to handle whatever changes come along.


There are many pieces moving around in your home. Each person has their own desires and goals. It’s up to you to bring everyone together to orchestrate harmony. The more the members of your home work together as a team, the easier it becomes to for everyone to achieve their goals. As the saying goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

Don’t be afraid to have family meetings in order to get clear on what everyone needs and expects.

Mediate as Needed

You have the skills needed to balance emotion with logic and that is needed here in your home this year. Have an open door policy and really listen to the heart of what each person is saying. Take the time to work through the logistics so everyone’s needs are met. Mediate as needed.

Compromise with Love

Compromise is required when your needs and desires don’t align with those in your home. Speak and act from a place of love. Assume the best of intentions.

Address Disruption with Love

Disruptions are going to occur within the home. Address these moments with love and understanding. The more you do this, the less often things will escalate. Working through these moments together is what will bring you closer together.

Meet Them in the Middle

Be mindful of the power balance in your home. Make sure everyone has a voice that is heard. Make sure everyone feels seen and understood. Provide grace and compassion to anyone struggling. A great deal of friction will vanish when you are able to do all of these things. Yes, you still need to set boundaries and expectations, but not at the sole expense of others. Everyone needs to meet in the middle.

8: Work Life Message Card – Six of Swords

Transitions are Coming

This card represents what you need to know about your work life for this year’s cycle. The card that came up for you is the Six of Swords.

Your work requires you to balance your mind and trust yourself more. Transitions are coming. You may even need to travel. Trust in the universe that you’re headed toward something better even when you feel sad about it.

Remove Undue Negative Influence

Examine and assess what is creating doubt and sadness in you. These are blocks preventing you from seeing clearly. Remove from your life whatever is causing undue negative influence upon you.

This means paying attention to how people make you feel. It also means paying attention to how consuming various forms of media makes you feel. Curate your social media into a more positive and uplifting feed. Do what you need to do to put you in a more positive and functional head space.

Isolation Breeds Sorrow

You’re not alone even when it feels like it. You have a community of others to lean upon for help throughout your journey just as you are there for them to lean upon you. Speak up. Reach out. Check in. Isolation breeds sorrow.

Your Heart and Mind will Guide Your Way

The balance of your mind and heart will serve to guide your way.

Right now you are juggling the jobs of Home Management, Writer, Homeschool Educator, and Advocate. What do you feel you need to be doing in each of these areas? What needs to change or shift? Do you need to drop or add anything? What makes the most sense to you at this time?

Trust in your abilities to sort and map all of this out. You are the captain, navigator, and lighthouse for your ship.

Time to Correct Your Course

Maybe you haven’t been able to do everything that you’ve wanted to do. Maybe things haven’t gone as expected. Maybe you feel like you’re fumbling around in the dark or just simply stuck. You’re being challenged to course correct. Ask if what you’re doing is aligned with what you desire. Which direction do you need to be going to achieve what you’re aiming for?

Declutter and Reorganize

Declutter and reorganize work life. Sometimes you need to create the space you need in order to make progress. You can’t flow down a river if it’s blocked up. Is your work space from from distraction? Is it uplifting? Are your systems of operation effective? Break down what isn’t working so you can build what does work.

Do It Anyway

The struggle of this path will sometimes bring you sorrow. Not everyone is going to understand or support what you’re doing. Most of the time you’ll be doing this on your own. Do it anyway. Carve out the space and time you need to get it done. Set boundaries around your time, space, energy, and resources. Hold them to yourself and others.

9: Social Life Message Card – Six of Cups

Cultivate Positive Energy within Your Circle

This card represents what you need to know about your social life for this year’s cycle. The card that came up for you is the Six of Cups.

There may be people from your past returning into your life this year. Even if they don’t, honor the good memories you have of them. Let these memories serve as guidance for the kinds of people you want to attract and retain in your life. Doe those that do return, welcome them into your life in accordance to how they make you feel. Forgiving them and healing old wounds doesn’t require renewed access to you.

Who brings quiet joy and comfort into your life? Who holds space for your inner child? Who honors and promotes healing? Who do you feel safe with? Who do you trust? Who do you feel emotionally balanced with? Who are you able to show up for and provide these same elements into their lives?

Nurture and celebrate these people. This is how you cultivate positive flowing energy in your circle.

Make Room for Better Experiences

Your social life is going to change dramatically this year. It may even make you long for the good old days and whatever safety you felt you had back then. The crisis of Covid is starting to lift and this has everyone on shaky ground as we all slowly emerge from it at different speeds. Allow yourself to break free from your shell at your own pace this year. This means that some people are likely to fall away from you. However, this also makes room for those with better experiences offer.

Let Your Feelings Guide You to Your Tribe

Go where you feel safe, connected, loved, and appreciated. You are not alone. Your village and tribe exists out there. Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole destroys the peg. Use how you feel around people to guide you to where you belong.

See People for Who They Really Are

Examine why you feel the way you do around people.

Yes, trauma can raise false flags, but they’re still being raised for a reason. Don’t ignore, minimize, or dismiss that. If it really is just a trauma response, why it is coming up now the way it does? What needs to be balanced here?

In the same vein of thought, temper your excitement and investment in people so you are not swept away in the heat of the moment. The goal here is to see people for who they really are, not how you imagine them to be solely based on how you feel.

Align Your Social Life with Your Goals and Values

You’re being challenged this year to build a social life that aligns with your goals and values. Examine and assess how your behavior brings in what you’re experiencing. Are your outcomes aligned with your desires? What needs to shift in order to create the experiences you are seeking?

Pay Attention to Proximity of Others

Pay attention to the proximity of others and how it influences your life. You are the sum of your total circle. Who are you giving the most of your time, energy, and attention? Who actually needs the biggest investment from you?

Remove or limit contact with anyone that isn’t uplifting or supporting you. Fall away from those that bring out the worst in you. Break free from those that derail your true priorities and values.

Who Endures the Storms with You?

As you cultivate your social circle, pay attention to who creates an environment of grace and compassion with you. Who are the people that endure the storms with you versus the people who only show up in good weather? Who can you honestly count on? Who are you willing to do the same for? These are the people that deserve your emotional investment.

10: Health Message Card – The Devil

You are Your Best Advocate

This card represents what you need to know about your health for this year’s cycle. The card that came up for you is the Devil.

When it comes to your well-being, you are your best advocate.

There are going to be people that will tell you what you should be doing for you. Some mean well. Others are attempting to pull the strings. There may even be someone in your life that will try to convince you what the reality of your condition is.

Don’t let them.

Whatever their intentions are, you have ultimate say in what’s best for you. It is entirely up to you to do the required research for the cost-benefit analysis regarding your wellness care plan. This is fully within your power, so keep the strings firmly in your hands.

Expect and Prepare for Sudden Episodes

Expect and prepare for sudden changes in your well-being. Catching a mild case of Covid that brought you to your knees a month ago is an example of this.

Also, pay very close attention this year to what or who is triggering changes in your health. If something consistently tanks you, then it needs to be removed completely or heavily limited from your life.

Bipolar specifically is a disorder of extremes in one’s well-being. It’s critical that you practice and observe moderation in all things in order to mitigate mood episodes. Avoid extremes and over-indulgence to prevent avoidable onset.

PTSD is another disorder with unexpected episodes. Again, if you find something or someone frequently triggers you, that’s your signal to address it.

This is a year where things are likely to fluctuate beyond your control. Operate within your limits. Manage what you can. Ask for help when needed.

Don’t Allow Others to Dictate Your Wellness

You are the only person who gets to decide what wellness means for you. You are the only person that gets to decide where you need to be with your wellness. And, you are the only person that can determine if you are where you want to be with your wellness. Don’t allow others to dictate this.

Don’t Allow Anyone to Invalidate the Experience of Your Condition

People are going to try to tell you how to feel about your condition. There are people that will try to invalidate, minimize, or dismiss your experience with it. For whatever reason, these people are those trying to pull the strings on you. If you’re not well, and you know it, don’t permit anyone to convince you otherwise.

Don’t Overdo It

Care must be taken to not overdo it this year. Over promising or trying to be everything to everyone will cause you to breakdown. Again, all things in moderation. Set boundaries to avoid unrealistic expectations.

Remove Whatever Destroys Your Health

If it’s destroying your well-being, remove it. Doesn’t matter if other people handle it just fine or not. The only thing that matters is how it’s impacting you and your health. Don’t allow others to define your limits based on theirs.

Show Yourself Grace and Compassion When You Struggle

Sometimes your health is going to cause you to struggle. Show yourself compassion and grace during these times. Even if people tell you that you’re doing it wrong based on what they would do, endure these episodes by doing whatever is best for you. Don’t allow shame to get in the way of that.

Review of the Life Message Cards

Avoid what Doesn’t Feel Good or Safe

Looking at these cards together, it looks like that your home and social life are going to be the key factors in how well you manage work and health.

There are going to be people that will try to take control of your life in some way. You’re going to be able to identify these people by the amount of disharmony, distrust, and danger involved around them. If you don’t feel safe, then you’re not safe and no amount of disagreement from anyone is going to convince your gut otherwise. The more extreme something is for you, the greater the risk it has.

Do not cultivate, or remain, in an environment of any kind that doesn’t feel good or safe.

Special Message Card

0: Special Message – Page of Swords

Manifestation Requires Execution

This card is a bonus card and serves as a special message for you from the universe at this time. I drew this card from the Legacy of the Divine tarot deck and the card that came up for you was the Page of Swords.

Remember your resolve and live by your ethics no matter what comes your way. A new way of thinking may arise this year, but that doesn’t alter your core values in any way. All it does is provide you with a different perspective. You are still able to manifest into your life whatever is within your heart. So take the time to fully feel it before shaping the logistics around it. Manifestation requires execution, so make sure you know exactly what you want to bring forth and then act upon it.

~ Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway (Author), Lisa Hunt (Illustrator) © 1999
~ Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti (Illustrator and Author) © 2009
~ Panda Tarot by Severino Baraldi (Illustrator), Lo Scarabeo (Author) © 2017
~ Credit for 3D model and assets used in this rendered image can be found here.

Disclosure Statement: A tarot professional cannot predict the future with certainty and you should not rely on a tarot reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition. If your inquiry involves the law, finance, or medicine, then you should seek the advice of a licensed or qualified legal, financial, or medical professional. Also, a tarot reading cannot replace qualified mental health care. A tarot reading can only facilitate how you cope spiritually with a given situation. In certain jurisdictions, a tarot professional is required to disclose to you that tarot readings should be for entertainment purposes only, and if such a law applies to your reading, then you are hereby on notice thereof. Your tarot professional is bound by a self-imposed code of ethics, which can be viewed here.

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