Goblin Chronicles 2022-11-10

What am I Feeling Right Now?

I feel content I think for the most part. It’s been a relatively quiet day with everyone being pretty chill.

What do I Need Right Now?

Not sure… more hours in the day when they are like this? More days like this. Definitely more days like this one.

What would I Love?

For every day to be at least this calm. And a big fat steak too with the energy/motivation to cook it.

Really, it’s just been a quiet and good day overall. Almost feels dumb even to write about it, but I suppose it’s good to document such days to remind yourself with when the rough or bad days come along.

Just three questions to answer each day. This exercise comes from Jacob Nordby’s ebook from his Creative Cure program. The intent is to tap in and communicate with your creative self. And my therapist says it may be worth me giving it a try. So here we are. Feel free in joining me with exploring these daily questions. The ebook includes a guided meditation to use so if you can get your hands on it, you can make use of it along with this. exercise. I’m not affiliated with this organization, nor do I receive any benefit by sharing their link.

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