2018 Chaos Rally #5 – Game Covers

Yesterday it was snowing. Today it is still snowing. Enough so that there was an hour delay with the school buses. I spent all day working on my FFXI video series and it got me reminiscing of my childhood. I grew up to see the transition from arcades to in home systems. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that the consoles almost didn’t make it.
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TGIF Chaos Rally #22

I know… I haven’t written ANYTHING in ages (okay, it’s only been a week since the last post). It’s been an odd week for my brain. Several times I’ve found myself having spent hours at my computer, but haven’t actually done anything. My browser history shows that I hadn’t looked at anything during that time and I got next to no progress done on the current music video I’ve been working on.

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Be Still My RE Heart!

Resident Evil 7 Pre-Review

I honestly have no idea when this game is coming out. Some time next year. I have posted little bit about Minecraft so a few of you are already aware that I’m a gamer. I’ve been with the Resident Evil franchise since the very beginning. Hard to believe it’s been out that long already, but I still play the first game from time to time. In fact Scholar Owl just got me the HD port of the REmake for the Xbox One for my birthday awhile back – much to my father-in-law’s concern. Just goes to show how little some people know me. Didn’t matter to me that I still have the PS1 copy kicking around in storage somewhere. Or a copy for the GameCube… or… yeah you get the idea. This game. I don’t know. It’s just great. Continue reading “Be Still My RE Heart!”

The Kingdom of Agaricus – Minecraft Open World Adventure Server Map

I haven’t posted in awhile. Sorry about that. I’ve been working pretty hard on a map project. Even made a YouTube video of it for the map’s story prologue. I wish Spigot was compatible with 1.8 which will be released soon so I could add it to the family server as an RPG map.


In any case I have the project download posted over at PlanetMinecraft here.

Toad Family Server Relaunched!

It’s been awhile since my last post and I apologize for that. I’ve been busy starting the server over with a brand new map. We were suddenly having issues with spawning into a void like area and eventually getting kicked off the server for “floating too long” or some such thing. We had areas that had chunks missing – all the way down through the bedrock into the void. Even when downloading a copy of these maps, the errors/bugs/glitches persisted. I can only assume it was caused by all my tinkering and experimentation with plugins. I did a lot of installing and uninstalling of those plugins so it’s hard to say just what exactly was the cause. With that said, I had no way of repairing the damage. There was no choice but to restart the server with a fresh seed and a new server central. This time I decided we only needed three worlds: Survival, Creative and PvP. This covers all the play styles of our family.

Here’s a few screenshots of our new Server Central located next to a Mushroom Island in our Survival world:


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