Chakra Dream

The idea was that I would be participating in NaNoWriMo next month, so I did sit down to start outlining a novel but… my brain said, “NOPE! We are going to start composing music instead!”

So… here is the first of three of the pieces I’ve composed so far using MuseScore that I’m sharing and I seriously feel like I have no idea what I’m doing yet, but I hope you find them healing and helpful to meditate with.

Reasons I Give Psychiatric Medication to My Child with DMDD — HealthyPlace

No, it’s not an easy decision to make. It’s heartbreaking to come across similar parent stories as mine. This parent chose a different med path but it just goes to show how each person is different and responds to different meds even if the diagnosis is the same. This is why judging parents for medicating or not medicating their children is wrong.

We don’t fucking know. It’s not our place. Back. Off.

If the child is doing well then the parent has made the right fucking choice for that child.

Controversy surrounds a parent’s decision to give psychiatric medication to their child with DMDD–or any other mental illness. Few question parents who medicate children with diabetes or other potentially life-threatening conditions. Yet they will absolutely question those of us whose children have potentially life-threatening mental illnesses. Parents don’t take this decision lightly, though, and we…

via Reasons I Give Psychiatric Medication to My Child with DMDD — HealthyPlace

Elephant in the Room with Feel Good Inspirational Stories

I know this is a year old Facebook post, but I came across it recently and it got my little hamster wheel turning. I think it still deserves some serious thought and contemplation even now.

Let me explain ableism to you.

Yes the person was kind. I will not in any way argue that. However we ARE ignoring the elephant in the room here. Take the example described in this Facebook post. It could have been used to raise the awareness for the need of increased community integration and in-home care providers. Why was this person ever left alone to beg for help in the first place? No one stopped to raise awareness around that one question. No one ever stopped to even address that. No one tried to take the time to come up with a more permanent and reliable solution for this man.

Isn’t it time we start correcting that?

What is Conduct Disorder?

I’ve been wanting to write about what Conduct Disorder is because that is one of the disorders my youngest son has been diagnosed with. However, I don’t know if my problem finding the words is because I don’t agree with the diagnosis or if the material on this diagnosis is truly lacking. It seems like every where I look, every link I click on is pretty much just a carbon copy of each other. It’s not very helpful. I can’t even seem to find a digital copy of what the DSM-V actually has to say about it. Continue reading