Beta Release of Latest Version of TodeCoins Mod

It’s been awhile, but I’ve been hard at work over here still with various projects while recovering from my torn shoulder.

At this point, all the planned features (except for a custom wallet, but the vanilla bundle item takes care of that just fine), for the TodeCoins mod have been added and is now in the testing phase for game balance.

It’s still only available for Minecraft 1.19.2 right now and it requires the Curios mod to be loaded with it. If you’d like to test it out yourself, you can download it here at the GitHub repository for it.

Personal Update

My left shoulder has been wrecked and this coming Friday I’ll be getting an MRI to hopefully find out what exactly is going on with it. Currently I don’t have full range of motion with that arm and most days just typing is extremely painful. So I apologize for the lack of content and silence over here.

I’ve been trying to add the rest of the collectible coin for each vanilla entity in my TodeCoins mod, along with a handful of modded entities for the mods I enjoy playing with in my personal pack. It’s been a slow and detailed process, but it’s getting there. Once all of those coins have been added, I plan to look into getting the mod updated for Minecraft 1.20.1 if I can since I’d like to start playing that version myself. I imagine the other two mods I’ve made will require quite a bit of work and changes for that update as well. I’m hoping the process goes smoothly.

TodeCoins Updated – version 1.3.0

TodeCoins has been updated and released for use!
Curios mod is now required to use this mod.
Quite a bit has been added to the mod: loot tables, customizable barter item tags, collectible coins, and more!
Visit the wiki for all the current details, here.
The official download links for this mod can be found on the mod’s PlanetMinecraft page and in the mod’s GitHub releases page.

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