Thank You for Exploring Setting with Tarot with Me

Exploration of setting for each tarot card has come to an end for Tuesdays.

The first post for this series was on March 24, 2020. It’s been a long journey, one that I wasn’t quite sure how to begin at first and wasn’t sure if I could finish. Yet, here we are!

I hope you have enjoyed this series and have found it as useful as I have in this learning process. I also hope that the writing prompts provided improved the context and meaning of the tarot cards for you.

If you have followed this series throughout its entirety, you have my deepest gratitude. By now you have a list of the timings provided by this site, along with lots of practice in how to use the images of the cards to create a physical location for your story.

It is my intent to continue to run other tarot themed series, but for now I will close this post with a quick reference table of the times and places mentioned in this run.

Again, thank you so much for participating!


Table of Setting Keywords

Ace of CupsSeptember 23 – December 201st Week of WinterA spring fed pool of clear, crisp, sparkling water feeding into lazy brook.
Two of CupsJune 21 – July 1 and Venus in Cancer2nd Week of WinterA small grotto standing in the center of a wisteria garden park.
Three of CupsJuly 2 – July 11 and Mercury in Cancer3rd Week of WinterAn exuberant dance club filled with music, people, food, and drinks.
Four of CupsJuly 12 – July 21 and Moon in Cancer4th Week of WinterA quiet, shadowy corner of the bar, away from the din of the other patrons.
Five of CupsOctober 23 – November 1 and Mars in Scorpio5th Week of WinterA secluded grave site surrounded by a small wooded area.
Six of CupsNovember 2 – November 12 and Sun in Scorpio6th Week of WinterA private, peaceful, and fragrant garden of flowers in full bloom.
Seven of CupsNovember 13 to November 22 and Venus in Scorpio7th Week of WinterA dusty antique shop filled to the brim with a myriad of curios.
Eight of CupsFebruary 19 – February 28 and Saturn in Pisces8th Week of WinterA wide river in a deep verdant valley, cutting through tall, rugged mountains.
Nine of CupsMarch 1 – March 10 and Jupiter in Pisces9th Week of WinterA party at a bar with a dance floor and upbeat music.
Ten of CupsMarch 11 – March 20 and Mars in Pisces10th Week of WinterA grand wedding chapel with organ music and floral decorations.
Page of CupsSeptember 21 – December 2011th Week of WinterA peaceful, sandy beach at a secluded cove early in the morning.
Knight of CupsOctober 13 – November 2212th Week of WinterA dimly lit wine cellar full of dust and cobwebs.
Queen of CupsNovember 13 – December 1213th Week of WinterA cozy cabin on water front property, set out away from the urban crowd.
King of CupsFebruary 9 – March 10Transition from Winter to SpringA vast and busy shipyard in a large harbor.
Ace of WandsJune 21 – September 201st Week of SummerA sunny meadow sprinkled with spring wildflowers.
Two of WandsMarch 21 – March 30 and Mars in Aries2nd Week of SummerA fork in the road, where the destination of either path cannot be seen.
Three of WandsMarch 31 – April 10 and Sun in Aries3rd Week of SummerA long, lonely ship dock at sunset.
Four of WandsApril 11 – April 20 and Venus in Aries4th Week of SummerA bustling town square during a local festival.
Five of WandsJuly 22 – August 1 and Saturn in Leo5th Week of SummerA roaring and tumultuous battlefield.
Six of WandsAugust 2 – August 11 and Jupiter in Leo6th Week of SummerA loud, vibrant parade down the main street of town, celebrating a public figure.
Seven of WandsAugust 12 – August 22 and Mars in Leo7th Week of SummerThe front line trenches of a battlefield.
Eight of WandsNovember 23 – December 2 and Mercury in Sagittarius8th Week of SummerThe deck of a swift moving ship, out at sea.
Nine of WandsDecember 3 – December 12 and Moon in Sagittarius9th Week of SummerA long, dark, underground tunnel with no end in sight.
Ten of WandsDecember 13 – December 21 and Saturn in Sagittarius10th Week of SummerA large, sprawling field within a plantation.
Page of WandsJune 21 – September 2011th Week of SummerA grand music hall with a large, captivated audience.
Knight of WandsJuly 12 – August 1112th Week of SummerA large gymnasium holding a sports tournament.
Queen of WandsMarch 11 – April 1013th Week of SummerA sprawling sunflower field in the warm prairie.
King of WandsNovember 13 – December 12Transition of Summer to AutumnA well organized, but busy, business office.
Ace of PentaclesMarch 21 – June 201st Week of AutumnA thick, green field of tall grass, swaying in the breeze.
Two of PentaclesDecember 22 – December 30 and Jupiter in Capricorn2nd Week of AutumnA carnival side show that features highly skilled jugglers.
Three of PentaclesDecember 31 – January 9 and Mars in Capricorn3rd Week of AutumnA bustling art studio full of people working together on a major project.
Four of PentaclesJanuary 10 – January 19 and Sun in Capricorn4th Week of AutumnA highly secured and lavish bank, designed solely for the wealthy elite.
Five of PentaclesApril 21 – April 30 and Mercury in Taurus5th Week of AutumnA solemn, but peaceful, church with stained glass windows that always leaves the light on for those in need.
Six of PentaclesMay 1 – May 10 and Mars in Taurus6th Week of AutumnA busy marketplace with many merchants and vendors selling their services and wares.
Seven of PentaclesMay 11 – May 20 and Saturn in Taurus7th Week of AutumnA growing apple orchard, ripening for harvest.
Eight of PentaclesAugust 23 – September 1 and Sun in Virgo8th Week of AutumnA watchmaker’s workshop filled with tiny gears, magnifying glasses, and fine instruments.
Nine of PentaclesSeptember 2 – September 11 and Venus in Virgo9th Week of AutumnA fine garden in full bloom behind a luxurious mansion.
Ten of PentaclesSeptember 12 – September 22 and Mercury in Virgo10th Week of AutumnA well decorated family room of a large cozy home.
Page of PentaclesMarch 21 – June 2011th Week of AutumnA wide open field, freshly planted.
Knight of PentaclesApril 11 – May 1012th Week of AutumnA secluded wooded glade, filled with sweetgrass and wildflowers.
Queen of PentaclesDecember 13 – January 913th Week of AutumnAn old fashioned medical clinic, smelling of herbs and antiseptic.
King of PentaclesAugust 12 – September 11Transition from Autumn to WinterA well planned and highly organized plantation.
Ace of SwordsDecember 23 – March 201st Week of SpringA single, ornate sword on display in a grand museum.
Two of SwordsSeptember 23 – October 2 and Moon in Libra2nd Week of SpringA comfy chair, worn ugly from use, tucked away in a corner of a quiet room.
Three of SwordsOctober 3 – October 12 and Saturn in Libra3rd Week of SpringA homicide crime scene of a brutal death.
Four of SwordsOctober 13 – October 22 and Jupiter in Libra4th Week of SpringA serene meditation room within a secluded temple.
Five of SwordsJanuary 20 – January 29 and Venus in Aquarius5th Week of SpringA gladiatorial combat arena with high rise seating.
Six of SwordsJanuary 30 – February 8 and Mercury in Aquarius6th Week of SpringA long boat gliding along a slow moving river.
Seven of SwordsFebruary 9 – February 18 and Moon in Aquarius7th Week of SpringA dark alleyway in the rough part of the city.
Eight of SwordsMay 21 – May 31 and Jupiter in Gemini8th Week of SpringA spiked trap with no apparent way out.
Nine of SwordsJune 1 – June 10 and Mars in Gemini9th Week of SpringA haunted, dark bedroom filled with moving shadows.
Ten of SwordsJune 11 – June 20 and Sun in Gemini10th Week of SpringA rising dawn, in resplendent hues, right after a long raging storm during the night.
Page of SwordsDecember 21 – March 2011th Week of SpringA windy prairie field, with a bright blue sky overhead.
Knight of SwordsJanuary 10 – February 812th Week of SpringThe front line of the battle, with the cavalry charging in.
Queen of SwordsSeptember 12 – October 1213th Week of SpringA lovely parlor, set with comfortable chairs and a small table for tea.
King of SwordsMay 11 – June 10Transition from Spring to SummerA well organized, and frequently visited, private library filled with old, leather-bound books.
The FoolUranus – Timing is SpontaneousAnytime* in SpringA wild and crowded gambling hall, filled with many games to choose from to play.
The MagicianMercury – Event is Quick MovingAnytime* in SpringA fully equipped laboratory, ready for any task.
The High PriestessMoon – Timing is HiddenAnytime* in WinterThe inner sanctum of an ancient temple, long forgotten and hidden away deep within the hills.
The EmpressVenus – Timing is According to ConditionsAnytime* in AutumnA cozy nursery room, furnished with all the amenities needed for caring for an infant.
The EmperorAries: March 21 – April 19Anytime* in SummerA strategy room, complete with a grand scale map on a broad table.
The HierophantTaurus: April 20 – May 20Anytime* in AutumnA filled classroom with rows of desks and the professor teaching upfront at the blackboard.
The LoversGemini: May 21 – June 20Anytime* in SpringA romantically decorated wedding chapel, complete with the wedding bells ringing.
The ChariotCancer: June 21 – July 20Anytime* in WinterA high speed racetrack with formula cars gunning for the first place cup.
StrengthLeo: July 23 – August 22Anytime* in SummerA circus filled with performing animals, including lions, tigers, and bears.
The HermitVirgo: August 22 – September 23Anytime* in AutumnA lonely hillside overlooking a valley.
The Wheel of FortuneJupiter – Event can happen at any time, and without noticeAnytime* in SummerA weaver’s spinning room, with the loom set up on one side and the wheel on the other.
JusticeLibra: September 23 – October 22Anytime* in SpringA solemn court room during a tense legal case.
The Hanged ManNeptune – Timing UndeterminedAnytime* in WinterA lone, large and sturdy oak tree standing in a field of tall grass.
DeathScorpio: October 23 – November 21Anytime* in WinterA somber funeral procession.
TemperanceSagittarius: November 21 – December 20Anytime* in SummerA well stocked and smoothly operating apothecary shop.
The DevilCapricorn: December 21 – January 20Anytime* in AutumnA torture chamber equipped with racks, chains, and hot irons.
The TowerMars – Timing is Sudden and AbruptAnytime* in SummerA magnificent lone tower besieged by a fierce thunderstorm.
The StarAquarius: January 21 – February 20Anytime* in SpringA starlit, limpid pool nestled deep within a clearing of a grove.
The MoonPisces: February 21 – March 20Anytime* in Winter/NightA moonlit field, shrouded in fog.
The SunSun – Summer; Good WeatherAnytime* in Summer/DayThe rising dawn, breaking over the rugged edges of the mountain peaks.
JudgementPluto – Winter; Stormy WeatherAnytime* in SummerA tomb opening with the dead reviving and rising from their coffins.
The WorldSaturn – Event Moves SlowlyAnytime* in AutumnA large, close-knit, and supportive neighborhood.
* It should be noted that for regular readings that the alternate timing with the Major Arcana is dependent upon conditions being met as indicated elsewhere within the spread. You are free to do it this way with a writer reading, I only wrote it down this way for the sake of simplicity. Personally, I find the astrology method more useful for the most part.