Posting Schedule


Here is my current list of scheduled weekly features for this blog. Anything else posted on this blog is in accordance to my whim, fancy, and health.



  • Chaos Pen Challenge
    • Randomized creative challenges – focused on writing, but you can create anything


  • Emotional Tarot
    • An emotive writing exercise where we will be examining and exploring emotions one tarot card at a time


  • Tarot Thursdays
    • A free write exercise where we will be examining and exploring a single card from the Tarot deck


  • Chaos Rally
    • A short playlist of motivational music inspired by a Tarot forecast reading for the upcoming week


  • Tode’s Tarot Daily Draw
    • A single card tarot reading intended to serve as a self-care thought for the day
  • Chaos Pen NaNo Bites
    • Only in April, July, and November
    • A daily mini randomized writing challenge for NaNoWriMo and CampNaNo

Last updated: November 24, 2018