Chaos Pen has Launched

So I went ahead and set up a separate blog for the Chaos Pen stuff so now I don’t have to worry anymore about the parental ratings of the content and I can just write whatever over there. Meanwhile I can resume my usual ranting and musing about life, universe, and nothing over here. In a way nothing has really┬áchanged I suppose. Just going to seem a little empty over here now I guess? Continue reading

Another Round of Mondays Begin

Mom and I went the rounds again about the damn shit in the living room that is mine. She wouldn’t even listen to me as I tried to explain to her that I have been working on it everyday but she was quick to point out that yesterday I slept all day and that today I slept all morning. Fine, I own that but what killed me was her saying, “So don’t tell me you’re working on it when you could be doing the laundry and the dishes at the same time. I’ve seen you multitask.” It meant she wasn’t interested in anything I had to say. Continue reading

2,000 words…

So I posted yesterday how I looked at the Chaos Pen Challenge #5 that I put together and how I had nothing save for a few images in my head with it. Up to this point I’ve thrown together an outline each time and written the story. So my sister told me to just “pants” it and see what happens with it. So I did… while doing laundry… kicked out 2,000 words… I wasn’t freaking out… actually enjoying the characters… Then for some reason unknown to me, the computer decided to just shut off. @_@ Like it had been unplugged or something. Continue reading

Monday Button Ramblings

If I find the gremlin that keeps hitting the Monday button every morning this week I will kill it with extreme prejudice. Not. Sorry. I wake up this morning at 7:30am AFTER the bus drove by. Everyone except Tuxedo Cat is still sleeping. He’s in bed, peeking out of the covers, and just waiting for me to say something. I tell him to grab his clothes and get dressed. I then wrestle with Little Bear for 15 minutes to get him out of bed, dressed, and downstairs to find Tuxedo Cat wandering in the living room with his clean clothes still in his hands not ready.

grumpy-cat-memes-01 Continue reading

Rough Morning

Nothing got done the way I wanted it to yesterday. I Google Mapped the location of the self storage place that was advertising in the paper and I even looked at the satellite images it had for the address. I felt it was odd that there were no images of storage units there but the photos were taken in 2011. So I thought that the units must have been added after that. So Scholar Owl and I spent OVER AN HOUR looking for this damn place. Continue reading

Still Writing, Still Thinking, Still Alive

Just when I thought that I might have set my goals too high for NaNo with a word count 60k for my book, I received a lot of encouragement and support over at the over achievers forum at the NaNo site. No, I’m not like many of them with goals of 100k words but they were kind and uplifting. I’m still very much ahead of the game so to speak and given all I have going on, I’m actually doing well. Even with the move. I’m still doing well. I’ve located two new places that have self storage units. I just need to swing by and see if they have units available and find out their prices. Then hopefully I can make shit happen. Continue reading