Self-Reflection on Anger & Mood Cycles

It’s midnight and I can feel the slide toward depression starting to happen – or at least creep up on me. I don’t know how exactly to describe how this feels. It’s kind of like gears are slowing down and something inside me is sinking. You know like a steampunk elevator with fancy hydraulics so when it runs out of steam it doesn’t suddenly bottom out on you – although that has happened to me before too. I’m hoping it’s not a total crash. I’m hoping I’m just going back to baseline and just land gently on my feet. Maybe even rest a bit in the grass. Continue reading “Self-Reflection on Anger & Mood Cycles”

Chaos Pen has Launched

So I went ahead and set up a separate blog for the Chaos Pen stuff so now I don’t have to worry anymore about the parental ratings of the content and I can just write whatever over there. Meanwhile I can resume my usual ranting and musing about life, universe, and nothing over here. In a way nothing has really changed I suppose. Just going to seem a little empty over here now I guess? Continue reading “Chaos Pen has Launched”

10 Days and Counting…

Forgive me if I appear to lack holiday cheer. The holiday season has always been hectic for me with the boys but since getting married it’s become highly problematic and now that my husband has joined the Army it’s become… I don’t know. Each time the closer his leave gets, the more agitated/upset/anxious I become. One should not feel this way about their spouse. Ever. The worst part of it all is I’m only now starting to sort out why I feel this way . Continue reading “10 Days and Counting…”