Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2021-27

I’ve been spending most of this week working on designing and setting up a campaign world for the Pathfinder tabletop RPG since Little Bear asked if I would play D&D with him. I’m absolutely thrilled. The first time I ever played D&D I was 12 years old. Little Bear is 11 years old. As a gamer, this is exciting. As a homeschooling parent, I see it as an excellent way to have fun while practicing all sorts of skills in math, reading, problem-solving, social interaction, and whatever else we can work into it. So of course I wanted a custom thing to run with. And of course I’m finding myself a bit overwhelmed by it given how I haven’t played in years.

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Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2021-26

Just dropping in a quick edit the Monday after this post went live since once again I didn’t bother filling it out and let it slip my mind that these things are scheduled ahead of time. Originally the intention was to keep myself accountable so that I’d stay on top of my mood tracker. Lately I’ve been asking myself what the point of this is.

On one hand on paper I feel like my life is monotonous and unchanging from one day to the next. So I find myself asking, why do I share these on my blog. Is it actually helping anyone or what exactly? Yeah, my mental health is doing well for now, but the likelihood of me staying that way forever it pretty slim. That’s the nature of Bipolar and why keeping a mood tracker is recommended. But, what works for me isn’t necessarily going to work for someone else.

On the other hand, I know that there are people that follow my blog that do want to know how I’m doing and I’ve been seriously slacking on this. Which kind of points me back to the long string of monotonous and unchanging days that has been dominating my life. How many ways can you say, “Hey, I’m still busy with the same stuff right now.”

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Tode’s Weekly Assessment 2021-25

Yet another week where I didn’t bother filling out my mood tracker. BUT! My dad finally finished the shed I paid for enough so that I could move my stuff out of the storage rental unit and into it. We’ve spent all week, and into today, moving stuff out of the room above the kitchen to get ready for my brother to visit next week. Eventually the plan is to set it up as my new bedroom and living room combo so that Tuxedo Cat can move into the room I’m using. He really wants a room by himself and my dad is on board with it.

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