Current Plan for My Hypomania

Apparently I don’t have enough projects in my life. Maybe this is just my way of responding to the lack of constant crisis going on with my family? The sky isn’t falling and I don’t need to scramble around with damage control. The boys are doing well and even though I’m fairly certain I’ve slid into hypomania, I’m not in an acute need of care.

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I Now Have a Ko-Fi Page!

I’m really pleased with this and I hope it turns out well. When I upgraded my blog to remove ads, I prepared a PayPal account for monetization in the future. At that time, I discovered that if I set up a “Send Money” button for that, it would reveal my name and location. I’m not comfortable with that for multiple reasons. I decided that I needed a different solution.

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I’ve been Brooding about Three Things

I think the last personal post I’ve put up here on this blog, that didn’t involve a template, was back in early December. Since then I’ve been brooding (which looks like me playing FFXI while set to invisible mode) about many things while bookmarking stuff I’ve read online to sort out, mull over, and discuss later.

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My Blog has an Official Domain Now!

I know it’s a simple and minor thing, but it feels like a big step for me. It’s a deeper commitment to blogging as a job. I’ve settled on using the new domain category that WordPress has available now. It seems to be more appropriate than using .com for the blog. It feels really good to have this sense of being official rather than being just a hobby.

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LiveJournal User Agreement Changes

I have an old online journal over there and this morning I logged into it to find out the User Agreement has been changed. One of the things that’s been added is the stipulation that they can delete the account if you haven’t logged in for 6 months.

Well, I guess I’ve put off transferring all the posts that are over there to here long enough. The site’s API is unstable so I don’t have the option of importing everything directly. So I’m going to do it one entry at a time and back date, tag, and categorized everything.

This is going to take a while.

My WordPress Feed is Acting Up

No idea why, but it seems like my feed on WordPress doesn’t want me to scroll below a certain point before it reloads itself. It will do it twice and then freeze with a “try again later” message page. I swear I’m not trying to ignore anyone. Am I the only one experiencing this? I’m just worried it’s causing other problems. So I guess you can consider this a test post to see if that at least is working.

Toad’s Chaos Rally Music Party

The year 2016 was rough for many of us. I won’t lie it was rough for me too. I’ve lost count on how many times I had to rally myself up to keep going. So it got me thinking that instead of doing a “remember when” this year I would launch a music rally on my blog. It’s going to be a playlist we can share, add to, grow, and use to get to know more bloggers. The idea here is we are banding together to rally, support, and encourage one another to keep going no matter how tough it gets. Continue reading