The Value of Building and Using Visual Charts

My second son was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months old. He was non-verbal back then and I was told to not expect him to ever speak. I was told to look into teaching him other forms of communication. Without hesitation I chose American Sign Language because I have an aunt that was born deaf and I felt it would bring our family closer together. Many of us have already learned the language to converse with and include her when we see her at family reunions. The best part: she was delighted with my choice. My fluency in the language remains very broken. And a miracle occurred in our family: my Autistic son began speaking basic words in Kindergarten.
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Suicidal Ideation & ASD: I Don’t Know

Today for the first time since it launched, I used Facebook’s Suicide Support Tool. Only for someone to remove the post. Now how was that helpful? Why would they remove the post that was filled with encouraging comments and support? And of course I have no idea if the poster was offered any of the supports shown in The Mighty’s tutorial article before the post was taken down. I can only hope it was the poster that decided to remove the post himself. So naturally Facebook’s Support Inbox reports back to me that the post in question had been removed before they could investigate it – HOURS after my request for assistance. To be honest I originally believed it was Facebook staff that removed the post. A part of me still does. Continue reading “Suicidal Ideation & ASD: I Don’t Know”