A Push Back Against Keep Your Children Home Day Movement

Last week I posted about a growing movement protesting against FedEd and the Common Core known as Keep Your Children Home Day.

As I posted that I thought the timing of the school’s letter regarding attendance to be really odd. And now it’s been brought to my attention that this movement has received some push back from an unexpected source. I’m posting the link to that source not to scare or discourage anyone, but because I think you have the right to know exactly what was said before I address it. Continue reading

Keep Your Children Home Day

I have always appreciated this man’s insight and way of words.

This has to be considered the Great Punctuation Mark of the Common Core resistance.

I cannot love this enough.

Read this special interview that features two of America’s most energetic anti-Common Core warriors … Yvonne Gasperino and Glen Dalgleish of Stop Common Core in New York State.

Read … http://www.breitbart.com/…/parent-activists-react-common-c…/

Glen and Yvonne have been in this resistance since forever … and enjoy a special perspective as both parents and as Common Core historians. Their website is a national “Go To” site for those new to this cause … as well the place where the most informed meet to compare notes and look to future activities.

I am hardly surprised that they are now at their exasperation moment. More and more of us are approaching the very same wall of aggravation.

Our patience has bled out, our stamina overly taxed, and our children guinea-pigged beyond reason. In truth, the entire pre-K-12 educational universe is in total fatigue. So, we are now tipping into new activist methods that are less genteel and more representative of the great frustrations expressed by Yvonne and Glen.

This reform has had more than sufficient latitude to get it right … and the reform apologists are now in constant blather … tripping over their own ideas and language … which just reinforces the national sentiment that this reform is a magnificent disaster.

Common Core needs a coup de grace … a swift and complete end … so that children and teachers can return to time-honored educational practices that speak to the whole child … and that return wonder, joy, and sane purposefulness to classrooms across this nation.

Put YOUR frustrations on perfect display … JOIN US ALL ON OCTOBER 17TH …

Make ’em remember what we are all about. … KIDS.

~ Denis Ian

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The Stumbling Gates of Ed Policy

Thank you, but all this time supposedly I’ve been the “idiot, angry fool” raging against the machine. And how dare I decide to homeschool one of my children?! How dare I consider homeschooling my other children as well?! =/

This coming from the father who taught me to see with my own eyes, to think with a critical mind, and to decide for myself. Apparently that only applies when it is in alignment with what he thinks best. Right…. sorry, it appears I have learned your lessons too well and I have been watching this mess unfold for too long….

I’m tired of fighting with the schools. I’m tired of raging against the system that never should exist in the first place. Most of all, I’m tired of watching my children being broken for the all mighty dollar. Continue reading