Goblin Chronicles 2022-11-09

What am I Feeling Right Now?

My body aches. I had woken up from a dead sleep last night after several days of no sleep from a charley horse in two of my small toes in one foot. Went all the way up to the back of my knee. So now I smell like Biofreeze still. No sharp pains, just a dull ache. Mostly in my back, as usual. Woke up with a headache this afternoon too. Not migraine level and no aura, just a dull squeeze sort of feeling.

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Lancing Emotional Boils

Okay, it’s been two days of NaNo already and I’ve written nothing. Like not a damn thing.

The short story I started and tried to write last month is still staring at me like an angry specter in the closet and I even went so far as to outline a new one to jump into and… nothing.

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Little Bear’s Neuropsych Eval

I went in Monday for the parent meeting to go over the eval. It was hard. The woman was slow getting to the point. She beat around the bush and hemmed and hawed the entire way through. She interviewed me AGAIN. Asking me questions that should have been covered already in the reports from the school and our hospital. Made me feel like she hadn’t read any of it – but she had and she was making sure. She was reluctant to tell me her findings. Continue reading