First Day of Public School and Other Things

Yesterday was the first day of public school and everything went well EXCEPT the bus ride home. Tuxedo Cat got on the wrong bus home from the high school so he didn’t get home until 4pm. Apparently this year there is switching of buses involved and he not only got on the wrong bus to start with, but also switched to the wrong bus at the switch point. Thankfully the bus garage people were super polite with me when I called and were right on top of it to locate which bus he was on to get him home.

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Super Relieved, Charged, and Energized

I’ve been bugging out over getting the homeschool portfolio put together and mailed in on time and hoping to get the determination letter back on time, etc. – not to mention trying to reach them about the late fee for that when they sent out a newsletter notifying parents that there are two group portfolio review dates remaining at the end of this month.

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The Challenge of Perfectionism

So this morning I’ve been thinking about how I haven’t even started putting together that damn homeschool portfolio and wondering why that is. The med clinic was even kind enough to write a note for us to put in it about how we have been working together to get Scholar Owl stabilized and this may be a contributing factor in his work performance regarding getting assignments completed. Because really we have reached a do or die point here. He is out of time in making up the work. I can’t wait for him any longer. I have to get this portfolio together and get it sent out and just let the chips fall.

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