Be Still My RE Heart!

Resident Evil 7 Pre-Review

I honestly have no idea when this game is coming out. Some time next year. I have posted little bit about Minecraft so a few of you are already aware that I’m a gamer. I’ve been with the Resident Evil franchise since the very beginning. Hard to believe it’s been out that long already, but I still play the first game from time to time. In fact Scholar Owl just got me the HD port of the REmake for the Xbox One for my birthday awhile back – much to my father-in-law’s concern. Just goes to show how little some people know me. Didn’t matter to me that I still have the PS1 copy kicking around in storage somewhere. Or a copy for the GameCube… or… yeah you get the idea. This game. I don’t know. It’s just great. Continue reading

The Demons That Bind Us

Even though I have finished my novel and I don’t feel ready to start revising it just yet, it didn’t feel right to not be writing. It is NaNoWriMo for one and for two it’s gotten under my skin to some extent. So for now I’ve launched a different sort of project. I envisioned four people living in an apartment building with which to write short stories about using entirely just the randomized writing challenges as prompts from the Seventh Sanctum. I decided it would be two men and two women and then I used the site’s random generator to create the characters appearance and names. I figure we’ll let the prompts work out the rest. I’m calling this collection the Chaos Pen. I’m going to assume in advance these stories will be stand alone pieces without an overall plot, but we’ll see.

So this is the first writing challenge I got:
  • The story must have a demon at the beginning.
  • A character becomes intoxicated.
  • A character is sorry throughout most of the story.
  • During the story, a character is forced to go shopping.

So thanks to the demon challenge, this story starts off dark and graphic. I assume you’re used to my language by now.

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