Sunday Musings

So I’m popping in because I feel like I have been doing nothing here other than lurking. That bothers me. Why is it as of late that I feel no desire to share what’s going on in my life? I’ve been using this blog like a journal and it’s been cathartic in many respects. So why the change now? Do I fear that my life is boring? Do I fear sounding repetitious? Or it is that I just lack motivation? Damned if I know. Continue reading “Sunday Musings”

Colorful Rant and Musing of a Quiet Day

Today I slept off and on from 7am to just now, which is 7pm. Dad checked in on me at one point to make sure I was alright because he hadn’t seen or heard me all day. I told him I wasn’t feeling well but I didn’t need anything. Yesterday I felt like my gut was trying to die and today I just feel wiped out even though I wasn’t able to sleep at all last night. Full on “Night Owl Mode” has been activated it would seem. Continue reading “Colorful Rant and Musing of a Quiet Day”

More Sleepless Ramblings in the Dark

I guess my worries about crashing into depression were unfounded. I just stopped climbing is all. I’m kind of gliding or skimming across the water – like a bird or something. Above baseline, but not sky high like before, and certainly not raging Hulk-like either. Like I’m waiting for another jet stream to climb up again… or just simply give out and crash. Mostly just a sense of waiting to see what will happen. Continue reading “More Sleepless Ramblings in the Dark”

Self-Reflection on Anger & Mood Cycles

It’s midnight and I can feel the slide toward depression starting to happen – or at least creep up on me. I don’t know how exactly to describe how this feels. It’s kind of like gears are slowing down and something inside me is sinking. You know like a steampunk elevator with fancy hydraulics so when it runs out of steam it doesn’t suddenly bottom out on you – although that has happened to me before too. I’m hoping it’s not a total crash. I’m hoping I’m just going back to baseline and just land gently on my feet. Maybe even rest a bit in the grass. Continue reading “Self-Reflection on Anger & Mood Cycles”

Chaos Pen Update (Demons #7?)

The Demons that We Become has finally been completed in vomit draft form and has been posted over at the Chaos Pen blog.

So that’s 11 days and about 14k words since the Chaos Pen Challenge #5 was launched over at the Writing Hallow. And yes, to make sure you don’t walk into this blind, this is the erotica piece with the sex scene in it that I’ve been ranting about. The whole thing took a mind of its own.

So feedback would be greatly appreciated. Yes, I am aware there is some very broken things in there. Just let me know what works for you and what doesn’t. I’ll go from there.

All I can say is, this is why I should have an outline BEFORE I start writing, especially when hypomanic.