Chaos Pen has Launched

So I went ahead and set up a separate blog for the Chaos Pen stuff so now I don’t have to worry anymore about the parental ratings of the content and I can just write whatever over there. Meanwhile I can resume my usual ranting and musing about life, universe, and nothing over here. In a way nothing has really changed I suppose. Just going to seem a little empty over here now I guess? Continue reading “Chaos Pen has Launched”

Monday Button Ramblings

If I find the gremlin that keeps hitting the Monday button every morning this week I will kill it with extreme prejudice. Not. Sorry. I wake up this morning at 7:30am AFTER the bus drove by. Everyone except Tuxedo Cat is still sleeping. He’s in bed, peeking out of the covers, and just waiting for me to say something. I tell him to grab his clothes and get dressed. I then wrestle with Little Bear for 15 minutes to get him out of bed, dressed, and downstairs to find Tuxedo Cat wandering in the living room with his clean clothes still in his hands not ready.

grumpy-cat-memes-01 Continue reading “Monday Button Ramblings”

My Current Therapist is Awesome

So I saw her this morning and I get in there and tell her how the boys and I are finally out of that craptastic apartment. So we celebrated for a moment about that, because seriously I can’t celebrate that shit enough. Then I told her how I hit the 50k mark in NaNo and hit the end of my outline for my novel before the end of November. So we celebrated that too because there really wasn’t anyone in person that I had done that with. Then I told I needed to hit her with a “bomb” and that I hope she was okay with it. I point blank asked her how comfortable she was with talking about sex. Continue reading “My Current Therapist is Awesome”

Today’s Update and Extra Thoughts

Got more packing done, but not a lot. I feel like in some ways I’m boxing up my life to be just stuffed somewhere to be forgotten. That bothers me. Another part of me just wants to say to hell with it and throw it all away. Start over. Like that fixes anything. I know I strongly feel that way about the kitchen. It’s that horrible and I’m that tired inside. Continue reading “Today’s Update and Extra Thoughts”

The Value of Building and Using Visual Charts

My second son was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months old. He was non-verbal back then and I was told to not expect him to ever speak. I was told to look into teaching him other forms of communication. Without hesitation I chose American Sign Language because I have an aunt that was born deaf and I felt it would bring our family closer together. Many of us have already learned the language to converse with and include her when we see her at family reunions. The best part: she was delighted with my choice. My fluency in the language remains very broken. And a miracle occurred in our family: my Autistic son began speaking basic words in Kindergarten.
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