Time to Rebuild Routines

Almost 12 hours ago I made myself lay down to try to rest. I just woke up half an hour ago. Scholar Owl sent Tuxedo Cat to school but he kept Little Bear home. The school didn’t call so I’m assuming that everyone is assuming it’s because of the abscess. We’ll send him tomorrow. Continue reading

Little Bear’s Trip to the Dentist

Once upon a time, about two or three years ago, Little Bear tried to chew on a rock. It cracked his baby molar. I tried to take him to the dentist back then. It was a violent endeavor that went no where, they decided that as long as it didn’t get infected they weren’t going to touch it since it was a baby tooth, and we got slapped with the bill. Good thing insurance covered it. Continue reading

Parental Judgement Blues

I Know You Think I Let My Child Get Away With Murder

In fact, the word “discipline” comes from the Latin word disciplina, which means “instruction given, teaching, learning, knowledge.” That realization forced me to consider a really important question: If there is no learning taking place, is it really discipline, or is it just imposing my will on a disabled child?

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Only To Further Validate My Point

Risks of developing mental health problems if brother or sister affected

I have Bipolar. Scholar Owl has Bipolar. Little Bear shows the symptoms for Bipolar yet they still refuse to diagnose him with it. Instead they give him the bullshit list of  “alphabet soup” for a diagnosis. Am I frustrated? You bet.