My WordPress Feed is Acting Up

No idea why, but it seems like my feed on WordPress doesn’t want me to scroll below a certain point before it reloads itself. It will do it twice and then freeze with a “try again later” message page. I swear I’m not trying to ignore anyone. Am I the only one experiencing this? I’m just worried it’s causing other problems. So I guess you can consider this a test post to see if that at least is working.

Joining Scribophile

I made my account for Scribophile two days ago. It’s an online critique group for writing. I was nervous at first, but now that people started responding to my critiques I’m feeling more confident. It’s good to see I’m not out of touch with what people are trying to do with their work – which was my biggest worry.

So far it’s been a joy to speak with fellow writers about the craft in constructive ways. The obsession over grammar and punctuation hasn’t changed with people. I don’t mind seeing it if someone states this is their final draft, but it’s not very helpful for first drafts that a writer is likely planning on changing a lot.

I’m hoping to learn from this community and maybe, just maybe, I can start posting better short stories up on┬ámy Chaos Pen blog. We’ll see. I still have a ton of work to do with my first novel and I’ve already have hand written notes for the next. So many ideas and never enough time. Ever.

Colorful Rant and Musing of a Quiet Day

Today I slept off and on from 7am to just now, which is 7pm. Dad checked in on me at one point to make sure I was alright because he hadn’t seen or heard me all day. I told him I wasn’t feeling well but I didn’t need anything. Yesterday I felt like my gut was trying to die and today I just feel wiped out even though I wasn’t able to sleep at all last night. Full on “Night Owl Mode” has been activated it would seem. Continue reading

So Called Parental Controls

Wonderful, my father-in-law now wants to visit next week on Friday at 1pm. I asked who was coming with him and he said he didn’t know because he hadn’t talked to his daughter yet. I ought to plan for a family member to be there just in case my husband shows up with them anyway. Knowing my father-in-law he will be hours late like always as well. Anyway, moving on to other things…. Continue reading